Partner Meeting 9.-10. May 2011 Istanbul/Turkey

Draft Agenda


Arrival Sunday 8th May 2011


Monday 9th May 2011 at the Turkish bazaar


9:30      Welcome by Turkish bazaar (Board of Turkish Istanbul bazaar)

10:00    Presenting project bazaar and partners (Hümeyra)

10:30    Coffee break

11:00    Discussion about the partnership with Istanbul bazaar, possibilities of online marketing 

11:30    Walkabout in bazaar

12:30    Lunch and walkabout afterwards

15:00    Handbook and final conference (Hümeyra)

15:30    Reporting and financial issues by Hümeyra; resonate about the meeting in Brussels

16:30    coffee break

17:00    continuing and informal part

19:00    dinner


 Tuesday 10th May 2011


9:00      Project implementation (WP leader Simone is moderating pls send partners a template how and what to report)

9:30      Country reports AT (Simone), FR (Ganit), UK (?), IT(Luisa)

10:30    Coffee break

11:00    (TR) Ahmet, DE (Hümeyra); Webshop Bazaar (Jörg)

12:30    Discussion, questions, clarification

13:00    Lunch

14:30     Project dissemination (Luisa as WP leader is moderating pls send partners a template how and what to report), résumé what has been done, what must be done, flyers, website, translation (each partner reports)

15:30    Sustainability of bazaar and webshop (Ganit WP leader is moderating pls send partners the template developed by Monique)

16:30    Coffee break

17:00    Evaluation Rene: suggestions from an external view

17:30    continuing and discussion, questions, informal part of meeting

19: 00   dinner together


Wednesday 11th May 2011

Sight seeing/ Departure