Virtual market of mature entrepreneurs


Name of Organization:  Provincial National Education Directorate of Eskisehir
Purpose of Meeting:
  Bazaar-Virtual market of mature entrepreneurs
Date/Time:  09-10/05/2011

Welcome and short discussion of agenda  Hümeyra BAYKAN , EBG

Hümeyra and AHmet  opened the partner meeting. All agreed to the schedule at the agenda.

TR- Ahmet TATAR on behalf of Provincial National Education Directorate of Eskisehir welcomed all participants in Istanbul  and wished a productive meeting. 

TR-Cem ARICA; Gave some information about Covered Bazaar which has been a trade centre for 600 years.  As secretary general Cem Arıca  paid attention to everybody one by one. He indicated that this kind of meeting really  made them excited. After introducing himself, he presented participants presentation folders and documents.  He gave further information about  the past , today and future of bazaar including management and activities done in it. Then they watched a presentation documentary of Covered Bazaar. In this documentary, especially craftsmen of old arts were filmed while telling the difficulties and gainings of these arts in the mystical environment of Covered Bazaar. Participants  had their lunch and tasted traditional meals of Turkish Culture. After lunch they took a walk around the Bazaar and met  tradesmen who seemed  warm to us.  When tradesmen heard about this project they expressed their eagerness to learn the result of it. The crowd of tourists was notable at the first sight. We went on our meeting talking about e-commerce and use, access, safety, and dissemination of internet in this project.


 H.B;  informed us about the steps of progress report, financial issues, things to be done up to now and handbook. Moreover, she gave some information about the meeting in Brussels.

We discussed each step in details with a range of questions.

IT-Antonella: made a presentation about implementation and dissemination of the Project.   She gave detailed information about the course and activities of Italy.                           IT-Luisa: Shared their experiences in preparing lecture notes, flyers, brochures and posters in order to disseminate the Project. She mentioned that the website should be updated as soon as possible. She suggested uploading a model. She made a presentation about strategy of Bazaar to disseminate it. All participants (AT-Simon, FR-Diana,  UK-Rebbecca, IT-Luisa , TR-Ahmet ve DE-Hümeyra)also made their presentations for dissemination..

TR. Ahmet: as Turkish participant, he made a presentation about the activities within the scope of the Project. He gave information about the training course for adults on e-commerce, selection of trainees, course books and the website ( ).  He proposed some suggestions about sustainability of the Project.


AT-Simon: told about the things to do for the implementation of the Project and the problems faced. She also added that the time for Magento software is insufficient and proposed  to add a separate part to the course curriculum for Magento.


AT-Susanne Reutner:  made a presentation indicating the problems faced about the implementation with trainees during the course and dissemination 


 She will make the changes in curriculum  by the end of May and share them with partners.  . And wanted partners to give feedback about the changes till  June, 15. After getting feedbacks she will complete the last version and send it back  to partners by June, 30. All partners are supposed to translate it into mother tongues.


Diana;  made a presentation giving information about course, web platform, training programme and trainees. She also indicated that the time for Magento software is insufficient and it should be updated soon. She explained the sustainability and applications  of this project in her country in details. She tried to explain how to measure the applications and dissemination of the results

Jörg: proposed some suggestions about the probable problems and  solutions about use of  the website  and Magento

Rene: as the external audit of Bazaar,  he proposed many suggestions, solutions and shared his observations. He made an extensive evaluation of the applications, problems faced, selection of trainees, e-commerce courses and software.  He declared the next steps to be done till the last conference



Final Meeting   &  Result:

1.   Curriculum will be completed the  by the end of May and sent  to partners.  ( UK )

2.   Partners will give feedback to Rebecca by June,15.

3.   Final version will be completed by June,30.

4.   All partners will make translations into mother tongues by June,30.

5.   Online shops will be done in the website by the end of September..

6.   All partners will send evaluation reports and questionnaires to Rene by the mid of September.

7.   Publishing of outcomes at the end of September.

8.   Final conference will be held in October in England.