Blue Week 2017

As part of our projects: 
WeActiveVol (supported by the Erasmus + program) and 
MOOC DANCESalsa (supported by the European institute EIT Health ), 

E-Seniors invites you to the Blue Week 2017 event 


- It's never too late to get started! -

What is the secret to enjoying an active retirement and a satisfying daily life? 
Exciting activities, social life, family, sport, culture, etc. ? 

Our event presents you with some ideas to get involved! 
- In the first part, a conference proposes to discover the BENEVOLAT through the presentation of the WEActiveVol project, a series of testimonies and presentations; 
- In the second part, an introduction to SALSA during a group course will be proposed by a qualified dance teacher, who will allow you to learn the first steps and master the rhythm. 

DATE: Friday, October 6, 2017 

LOCATION: The Maison des Associations of the 3rd arrondissement of Paris 
5, rue Perrée 75003 Paris 

TIME: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm 


AGENDA "Seniors in Action" 

14: 00 14: 15 Reception of participants 

14: 15 15:30 Conference on Volunteering WeActiveVol 
14:15 14:30 Presentation of the project: to promote voluntary work for people over 50
14:30 15:30 Presentation of volunteer associations and testimonials 

Coline COSSERAT : National Volunteer Coordinator at Les Petits Frères des Pauvres 

Pierre LEPETIT : administrator of the association Home Laghouat 

Pierre SUROT : volunteer for the Association Française des Seniors du Tourisme (AFST) 
15: 30 15: 45 Restitution of discussions 

16:00 17:00 Introduction to salsa 
Lead :  Audrey of  SALSABOR - Paris 
in the context of the launch of MOOC DANCESalsa 

17:00 18:00 Snack 

18:00 End of the event