Paris Project Meeting Leonardo Da Vinci Learning Partnership Project



Paris, France, 11th and 12th of March 2015





List of Participants:




Quarter Mediation (QMED)

 The Netherlands

Cristina Stefan

Constantin Stefan

Karin Warris

Prywatne Centrum Ksztalcenia Kadr (PCKK)


Ewa Ratynska

Jolanta Ratynska

Barbara Janic

Danuta Sadownik

Centro Integrado Publico de Formación Profesional Misericordia



Nieves Villarroya Alcón

Jesús Hernández Blasco

Miguel Vidal González

Institut E-Seniors (IES)


Anaïs Fernandez

Estelle Ziegler

Monique Epstein




1st day of meeting, 11th of March



10:00: Welcome and opening at Maison des associations (11th arr. of Paris)


10:15: Business Glossary Updating


Each partner had to create a table with 10 words related to business vocabulary. The other partners completed the table with the translation in each partner’s language. In total 40 words had been integrated in this glossary. The final versions of these tables have been presented during the meeting.


10:30: Discussion about the poster competition


Polish partners from PCKK presented to all partners the first draft of the poster, as a result of the competition project poster organized in Poland. Partners agreed on poster and cover’s choices. Each word chosen in the Business Glossary (and its translation) will be added in the cover of the poster and will be presented during the next meeting in Valencia (Spain). All partners agreed on the conception of this page with project details on the top, words and title of the project in the middle, and logos at the bottom.


11:00: Dissemination activities


Every partner uploaded their dissemination activities in Wiggio and now each one has to update the information on the dedicated summary on a regular basis.



11:15: Discussion about the e-book


All partners discussed about the content we could integrate in the e-book. They agreed on these outcomes:

-         Business Glossary (the draft format will be presented in Spain)

-         Business Games workshops organized in each country (with titles, places, materials, step by step activities and photos from PCKK);

-         One example of Business Plan (from CIPFPM)

-         Presentations related to “How to set up business” in each country

-         Videos of entrepreneurs (from QM and CIPFPM)

-         Summary report of the evaluation (from PCKK)

-         Feedback questionnaire about the project outcomes (it will be presented during the meeting in Spain)

-         Summary of good practice examples “Link School-Labour market” (from IES)

11:45: Business Game Workshop

The participants have been divided in 4 groups of 3 people. We were supposed to live in the Republic of Stars and the country was in difficult and unstable economic situation. We had the opportunity to play on the Galactic Stock Exchange and each group received 10 000 Space Diamonds which they had to spent on stock market investments. The goal was to buy some products or services at the exchange rate on 03.02.2020. Then six months passed, the situation changed and we had to revalue and exchange our stocks at the rate from 02.09.2020. Finally six other months passed and we had to count our investments results. The group who had the higher result won.

12:30: Lunch time at “L’Artiste” with all participants


14:30: Presentation of a tutored project “Entrepreneurship” by Mrs. Sylviane BLOT AUBREE, professional advisor in Apprentice Training Center (CFA in French) and discussion between all participants



Mrs. Blot Aubree presented to all partners a Power Point presentation explaining the different kind of French actors involved in setting up a business (

Then she presented the existing measures in the field of education and basic training with special services dedicated to support students at schools and universities. She said that educational actions were developing increasingly as tutored projects or works in small groups. The objectives of these actions for the trainees are developing a professional identity, organizing a funding plan or identifying needs.


16:30: Free time


19:30: Dinner at “Le Bistrot du Peintre” with all participants



2nd day of meeting, 12th of March


9:00: Visit at Novancia, Business School based in Paris and meeting with responsible of “Adult Entrepreneurs Programme”


Mr. Pierre Vignes, Head of European Programmes and Fundraisings, presented the Business School Novancia. It’s the first school created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris in 1863. It includes 1400 students and it includes training courses in the field of entrepreneurship and commerce. Mr. Vignes introduced us her colleague Ginette Malécot, responsible of the programme “Adult Entrepreneurs Programme”. She explained us the five themes developed during this programme:

-         Strategy, marketing, market study

-         Legal position of a business

-         Financial dimension

-         Business Plan

-         Commercial aspects

Mrs. Malécot underlined that the rate of success in this programme is about 60%.










Then, all participants visited Incuba’School, Novancia’s incubator created in 2005. Nathalie Dor-Ragon, Programme’s Manager presented to all of us James, one of the entrepreneur who is working at Incuba’School. He explained to us that in France the role of an incubator is providing coaching, mentoring and training to entrepreneurs in a shared space. In this incubator, there are entrepreneurs who are working in application and technical start-ups, other in clothes. Apparently, the cost is three times less than in a classic “pépinière” which is a structure with a mutualisation of spaces.



11:30: Visit at Novancia, Business School and meeting with responsible of “Business School and Research Programme”




During the visit of the school, Mr. Vignes explained to project partners that this part of Novancia is dedicated to students from their baccalaureate degree to Master Degree in entrepreneurship and commerce.


13:15: Lunch time at “La Petite Venise”

14:30: End of the meeting