CO-BUS VET: Project meeting in Spain (06-07.02.2014) - draft agenda


As we decided in the kick-off meeting, the activities to be organised in the meeting in Spain are the following:

1. Workshop about entrepreneurship (to be organised by CIPFPM with the participation of all people taking part in the project meeting) -  2 hours

2. Presentation facebook project page (the partner from France, IES, who had the task to create the facebook page for the project) - 15 min


Additionally, because we had some more tasks in between, we will have the following presentations:

3. Evaluation of the Kick-off meeting (presentation QMED, the Netherlands) - 15 min

4. Summary expectation questionnaire (presentation QMED, the Netherlands) - 15 min

5. Dissemination activities (presentations by each project partner) - 10 min each partner organization (including showing the project section on the organizations' web pages

6. Newsletter no.1 created by IES (includes: Description of partner organisations;general description of the project - summary) - 10 min

7. Presentation results competition for the creation of the project LOGO organised by PCKK in Poland (the competition will be organised in December 2013 and the best proposals will be presented in Spain; the project partners will vote the best LOGO in order to be used for the project). Even we decided to have the LOGO in May, I think it is a bit too late and I hope we can have the LOGO earlier. - 15 to 30 min

Therefore I would suggest the following structure of the agenda:

First day:

Morning: activities 3, 4, 5, 2, 6, 7

Afternoon: activity 1

Second day:

Morning: visits relevant to the project topic


-      project management (discussions and decisions for the next steps and meetings);

-      evaluation of the project meeting (CIPFPM will prepare a similar questionnaire as the one we used in the Netherlands; all the participants in the meeting will fill in the questionnaire)


Cristina Stefan (QMED, NL), 12.12.2013