Comparison of business policies in vocational education and training in EU countries

and adaptation of good practices at VET schools and VET providers


Kick-Off Meeting – Assen, Holland – October 30 and 31st 2013



- Mrs Cristina Stefan – Quarter Mediation

- Mrs Doortje Amsterdam (present on October 31st) – Quarter Mediation

- Mr Rui Faria – Quarter Mediation

- Mr Pawel JanicPrywatne Centrum Ksztalcenia Kadr

- Mr Grzegorz LustykPrywatne Centrum Ksztalcenia Kadr

- Mrs Jolanta RatynskaPrywatne Centrum Ksztalcenia Kadr

- Mrs Danuta SadownikPrywatne Centrum Ksztalcenia Kadr

- Mr Miguel Vidal Gonzalez – Centro integrado public de formacion professional misericordia

- Ms Anais Fernandez – Institut E-Seniors

- Ms Estelle Ziegler – Institut E-Seniors


October 30th 2013


Welcome of the participants; presentation of the agenda; organizational matter


1. Presentation of each participant


2. Presentation of each partner


·         Presentation of Quarter Mediation, The Netherlands

Usually people have good idea but do not know how to organize it, that’s why they wanted to manage this project. And this is the mean of the logo. They moved their organization in Utrecht but still have an office in Assen. European and national projects experience and training experience.

They’re working in vocational schools.


LDV partnership:

-          reduce the unemployment

-          develop an entrepreneurial attitude

-          establish the link between education and labor market

One of their LDV project: Supporting Placement Companies in European Training


They are also working with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program: new entrepreneurs can work with an entrepreneur during 1 to 6 months.


·         Presentation of Prywatne Centrum Ksztalcenia Kadr, Poland


It’s a private center of human resources training. “We teach new vision”.

-          High school for adults

-          Language Center

-          Vocational Courses

-          Personal Development : ask advices

è Teacher Training Center and development workshops

è They touch also unemployed people and they have classes with seniors


·         Presentation of Institut of E-seniors, France


·         Presentation of Centro Integrado Publico de Formacion Profesional Misericordia, Spain


The Center teaches business management (morning, evening and night classes) to people between 16 and 60 years old.

Courses on platform system: commerce, administration etc.

6 projects are ongoing and 2 are on hold. They develop for instance projects on mobility and social care.

It’s necessary to teach to learners English language because this region is touristic.

3. General presentation of the project (project coordinator). Discussions


- Germany partners are not anymore part of the project. No more school: problem.

In January, we will know if they are more partners or not.

We need to solve this situation and to see how to share the tasks.


Cf document given et complete

- Organization on the reserve list

- Project objectives

- Results and outcomes

Confirm what is possible or not.

- Project meetings

·         February 2014: Spain = 6th and 7th

·         April 2014: France = 29th and 30th

·         June 2014: Poland = 5th and 6th

·         October 2014: Holland = 7th and 8th

·         March 2015: France = 4th and 5th 

·         May 2015: Spain = 12th and 13th

·         July 2015: Poland = dates to be confirmed later on

- Common tasks


2 questionnaires:

Expectation questionnaire for the LdV Partnership project CO-BUS-VET

Evaluation questionnaire of the Consortium Meeting


4. Cultural activity

Latin dances with partners.

Break Lunch


5. Cultural activity



6. Individual tasks (for us)

- Workshops about entrepreneurship: round-table for the managers/directors à we have to decide whom to involve

- Wiggio platform to share our works

- We have to create a Facebook page for CO-BUS-VET project (creation, maintaining) for December 2013. Presentation FB page in CM in Spain.

- Newsletters: description of partner organizations + General description of the project (3-4 pages max). We have to do 3 newsletters during the project in February 2014, in June 2014 and in May 2015

- Flyer: we have to do this flyer for April 2014 (for the next meeting in France)


October 31st 2013


Presentation of a good practice example: how to develop an entrepreneurial attitude


We went with all partners in Zuidlaren, a small town located 20km from Assen. We met a man whose great grand-father took an old mill. He is working now instead of him in it with other volunteers during the summer.


First, we visited the mill which was built in the eighteenth century. It grinds cereal grains, spices and coffee, and it produces oils with cereals. In the mill, there is a grocery store which exists since the beginning. It sells a lot of things as coffee, cereals, objects (cup of coffee etc.).


Then, we visited the museum which told us the story of this mill. During the summer, there are a lot of people who works here. The volunteers are working wood to create objects and wooden shoes which will be sold then. There are also a restaurant (in which we had a cup of coffee), an old bakery and a shop.