AcTive Project - Development of a Training Program for the Improvement of Active and Healthy Ageing through the Exploitation of High-Tech Assistive Technologies


Erasmus +


Duration 24 months: 2016 – 2018




Partners: CITST (Romania)

Stowarzyszenie Spoleczenstwa Wiedzy (Poland)

Gestio Sociosanitaria Al Mediterrani Sl (Spain)

Sozialverband VdK Saarland(Germany)


Main objective of "AcTive" is to increase the competences of the collective around OPs (persons, families and professional and non-formal caregivers) about how to exploit High-Tech Assistive Technologies for increasing their wellbeing, through an innovative training program.


The specific objectives of the project are:

-          Create awareness and trust about the potential of using High-Tech AT for improving active and healthy ageing

-          To create basic digital and technological skills, fostering ICT-literacy, which allow OPs to properly exploit High-Tech AT

-          To inform about available High-Tech AT and their application to the specific needs of OPs.

-          To promote the decision making of OPs for acquiring the proper AT

-          To give support and guidelines to OPs living alone and/or with low education, including a “peer to peer” training model, where Old Mentors will be trained for training other OPs which could have not an easy access to the training program.

-          To involve caregivers and families in the training process in order to be able to support OPs.


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