BACIS : Be a Change - invest socially

Erasmus +

24 months : 2016 – 2018

Coordinator : Fundacja Parasol (Pologne)

Partners :

Pathways: I.D. C.I.C (UK)


Liceul Tehnologic de Mecatronica si Automatizari (Romania)

 Lentamente Società Cooperativa Agricola (Italy).

The aim of the project is to create a practical, socially beneficial activity to develop personal and entrepreneurial skills amongst groups & individuals across Europe. The project strives for motivating adults to create social entreprises, based on good practices from more experienced partners (IT,UK). The results of the cooperation will be placed on the project website/portal. They will be quidelines, good practices. The project will promote the idea of social entreprises for social and societal purposes combined with an entrepreneurial spirit of the private sector. Social enterprises devote their activities and reinvest their surpluses to achieving a wider social or community objectives. he project contribute to improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities tailored to individual adult learners, including through innovative ways of outreach and delivery. The project contributes to ET 2020 - development of entrepreneurial skills, to new business  creation and employability of young people, to the objective - making lifelong learning a reality, enhancing ceativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship.

Project will teach basic knowledge about entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship as well as good practices about social entrepreneurship in the form of workshops - the summary will be uploaded on the website. There will be the following activities:

·        workshops on entrepreneurship organized by each partner with their learners, local communities

·        workshops on social entrepreneurship organized by each partner with their learners, local communities

·        tutorials on entrepreneurship on the project interactive website

·        meetings with social entrepreneurs with learners from partnership institutions during transnational meetings with partners, exchange of good practices

·         exchange of good practices - summary on the website –

The project website will include all information on social entrepreneurship and basic knowledge on entrepreneurship, good practices and guidelines for somebody who wants to develop social enterprise. The project will also promote the social entreprenership idea.  The project should be carried out trans-nationally as partners complement each others


Minutes of final meeting