BRAMIR:  Beyond Retirement – A Migrant Integration Resource

Erasmus +
24 months: 2016-2018


Partners: CARDET (Cyprus)

Meath Partnership (Ireland)

Oxfam Italia (Italy)

University of Pitesti (Romania)

Future In Perspective (Ireland)


ENTER (Austria)


The BRAMIR project addresses two certainties for all EU Member States, namely; the ageing of the population and an increasing dependence on immigration as a potential talent pool to sustain the civic, social, political and economic fabric of the EU. While there is considerable variance with regard the speed and immediacy of these changes within and between Member States, they are coming and will impact all countries in the not too distant future.

The BRAMIR Project proposes the development and implementation of a multi-layered andragogic framework designed for a seniors target group comprising older workers approaching retirement and recent retirees. This framework will incorporate a bespoke training curriculum and a suite of appropriate teaching resources to enable the redeployment of the seniors target group as volunteers to support the development of key civic and social competences within the established and growing migrant communities. The project proposes a mutually beneficial arrangement affording the seniors target group an opportunity to remain active contributors to society while addressing the growing migrant integration problem.

The road to inactivity for older workers is more often than not a road of no return. Research shows that prolonging the active engagement of impending and recent retirees’ impacts positively on their personal self-esteem, their mental and physical health and well-being; fights social exclusion and offers recognition of their continued importance to society.

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