It’s easy to teach, if you know how

Erasmus +
24 months: 2016-2018


Coordinator: Fundacja "Aktywni XXI" (Poland)



Association E-Seniors (France)


 UCLM – Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha (Spain)



The project titled „It is easy to teach – if you know how” was created in response to observed, by the partners organisations, difficulties with choosing the appropriate methods of teaching the elderly. Methods of teaching children, youth and adults have been widely developed. However, there are very few works on the methods of teaching seniors (50+), which would consider perceptive capability of the students, resulting from the adequate to this age brain work. All the partners taking part in the project are organisations educating senior citizens and they have problems resulting from the lack of methodological materials for teachers working with student over 50. That is why the objective of the project is the development of language workshops for seniors.  If the planned workshops are to succeed, we have to answer two questions:

1. Why do seniors want to learn a foreign language?

2. What are the difficulties and obstacles which cause low efficiency of studying at this age?


The answer to these questions will allow developing the right workshop topics (meeting the needs of the students) and the right methods which will enable overcoming the difficulties.

Thanks to the cooperation of three organisations experienced in educating the seniors we will be able to develop effective methods of working with the seniors and offer an interesting form of learning English, which will encourage the seniors to learn and be more active in the classes. The cooperation of the organisations from different countries will also give the opportunity to prepare video classes, which will enable our students to check their skills in practice. One of the forms offered during the workshops will be to stay in touch (via the e-mail, social networking site or Skype) with the other participants of the workshops. It will make it easier to overcome the language barrier and start communicating in English.


The people who are going to realize the project, have known each other since they met in earlier LLP projects. Since they are engaged in the work of institutions leading the programmes of seniors education, they decided to have a common partnership project.

The project will be realized by:

-Foundation “Aktywni XXI”, runs the Academy of the Third Age

- UNIVERSIDAD DE CASTILLA - LA MANCHA, runs the University of the Third Age

- “E-seniors”, educates the seniors in the area of basic skills

Foundation “Aames.ktywni XXI” will be the coordinator of the project. The partners will develop the programme of language workshops using their previous experience in this field. The Polish partner will prepare the lessons scenarios with the use of their knowledge of educational games. The Spanish partner will use e-learning. The prepared materials will be instantly tested during the lessons of English for seniors led by the partner’s organizations. The teachers will exchange opinions and suggestions concerning the effects of using the materials. At the international partners meetings, the host’s senior students will also meet the participants of the partners meeting.

Each partner will be obliged to prepare 3 lesson scenarios. All the scenarios will be compiled into one methodological publication in English - the common project language. The Polish partner will be responsible for collecting and developing these materials in an electronic form. The French partner will prepare the material publicizing the project – a leaflet and a poster. The Spanish partner will write a blog on Facebook.

Each of the partners will be responsible for organizing the project meetings in their countries.

Minutes of the 5th Partner Meeting in Paris March 2018

Minutes of the meeting in Cuenca September 2017

Minutes of the meeting in Toledo – March 2017

Minutes of KO Meeting Jelenia Gora -October 2016





Meeting à Paris

Meeting à Jenei Gora