empowerWOMENt : Successful Entrepreneurial Empowerment for Women in start up business

Erasmus +

24 months : 2016 –2018

Coordinator : Aile ve Sosyal Politikalar Ankara Il Müdürlügü (Turkey)

Partners : GAZI UNIVERSITESI (Turkey)


Fondazione Risorsa Donna (Italie), ASOCIATIA PENTRU PARTICIPARE CETATENEASCA (Romania)

Working with Europe/Treballant amb Europa Associació (Spain)

IEBA Centro de Iniciativas Empresariais e Sociais (Portugal)

M3 MCube Association (France)


The focus in empowerWOMENt is on women in the start-up phases of running their own business (2-3 years) and meeting their training needs.

The project aims to design and pilot such ecosystems in different partner countries, and to produce case based guidance to other European communities.

The results of the empowerWOMENt are a significantly increased sustainability of the involved start-up women’s business, the creation or reinforcement of local and virtual eco-systems of support and the production of high quality guidance and support to groups of start-up women across Europe:

1. Further qualify the women’s entrepreneurial skills and knowledge

2. Strengthen women’s identity, encourage women to take new paths, work on different role models, reconciliation of family and career   

3. Creation of the empowerWOMENt open virtual platform

4. Women’s Voices – video interviews with start-up women

5. The transnational women’s workshop

6. Start-up women’s training material

7. Local empowerWOMENt WORKSHOPS

8. Local empowerWOMENt events