HELP – Healthy Lifestyles for Elderly People

Erasmus +
24 months: 2016-2018

Coordinator: AIJU – Association de Investigacion de la Industria del Juguete, Conexas y Afines (Spain)




Association E-Seniors (France)


CIS –Scuola per la Gestione di Impresa (Italy)



The general objective of the HELP project is to empower older people (65+) in Europe to adopt healthy lifestyles which include a healthy diet, physical activity, and social participation. Together with supporting older people on an individual level, HELP aims to develop the quality and cost-effective-ness of services for older people by promoting cooperation between service providers and recommendations on communal elderly services.  Exists the necesity of promotion and raising the quality of life of the elderly people by guiding, counselling and training services through ensuring their active participation in the education.


The most important target group of the HELP project is older people who have unhealthy lifestyles. The main health risks of these people are unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity and lack of social participation. This target group is reached with the help of collaborating partners and other associations of older people and municipal and regional actors working with this age-group. The second target group is current and future social and health care professionals, who are interested in getting knowledge and skills to prevent older people’s health risks and to support their empowerment and self-management. Professionals are reached from collaborating partner organizations and other associations working with older people and from partner educational institutes.  

The third target group is voluntary peer group mentors, who come from collaborating partner organizations or other associations of older people. They are retired older people who recognize potential risks related to unhealthy lifestyles and who have the desire and abilities to support other elderly people. The fourth target group is regional public, private and non-profit service producers, decision-makers and associations of older people. Project partners in each country contact this target group for developing collaboration.  


To achieve this challenge, the project will set up an e-learning platform to allow the elderly people improving their knowledge about quality of life, sharing experiences, exercises, personal solutions, etc. This platform will integrate different complementary elements:  

• An on-line open network for elderly people where they can to learn to control the risks of their health and to maintain their healthy lifestyles

• A system to gather all existing resources on the Internet, differentiated by type of health care

• An on-line chat to share experiences, doubts, or everything they need at the moment

• A tutoring and consulting system on-line