Project: IDPLiving- Development of a training program for boosting and facilitating the community living of people with intellectual disabilities

Duration: 24 months (from 01/10/2017 to 30/09/2019)


Coordinator: Cercioeiras(Portugal)

AMICA (Espagne)

COPAVA (Espagne)

E-SENIORS (France)

Hrvatska udruga radnih terapeuta (Croatie)



5 to 15 million EU citizens have an intellectual disability; we can multiply per 5 the number of persons involved in the support to these persons, including families and professionals.

Intellectual Disability depends crucially on how environmental factors support the Intellectual Disabled Persons (IDPs) full participation and inclusion in society. Article 19 “Living independently and being included in the community” of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN, 2006) recognizes the equal right of all persons with disabilities to live in the community, including, among other that have the opportunity to choose their place of residence and where and with whom they live and are not obliged to live in a particular living arrangement.

This project aims to enable individuals to live in the community but out of the institutions. Comparative studies on quality of Community-Based settings vs. Institutions show that people living in community settings fared better on almost every quality of life indicator.





·         Raise awareness and motivate the whole collective about the capabilities for IDPs’IL

·         Boost the evolution of IDPs to Accommodation and Supported Housing, and Full Independency, really enhancing their Quality of Life.

·         Transfer guidelines about how to develop basic daily routines in the main contexts of IDPs’life, encompassing planning, operational and social-emotional situation.

·         Transfer guidelines about how to exploit existing easy-to-use ICT Tools that can be used as assistive technologies.

·         Provide the trainees with real life experiences to apply the trained competences during and after training course.


Target Groups: The project activities will be addressed to 3 target groups:

-Intellectual Disabled Persons (IDPs): IDPs who are already living independently and have problems dealing with daily activities and IDPs who can have the opportunity to live independently in a close future

-Families of IDPs

-Professionals working in the support of IDPs



·         Co-Created Methodological Guide will be developed, with the direct participation of End Users (IDPs, relatives and professionals) with the main objectives of determining the key contents, methodologies and ICT Tools needed for creating and improving the critical competences of IDPs and their supports for increasing their Independent Living in the Community opportunities and possibilities, and therefore their Quality of Life

·         Training Materials addressed for creating and improving the critical competences of IDPs, relatives and professionals for facilitating the improvement of IDPs competences to deal and face real daily life activities and therefore to enhance their Independent Living opportunities, out of the Institutions.

·         Designed Experiential Training Activities for enhancing the practical and experiential training of IDPs, relatives and professionals in the improvement of IDPs competences to deal and face real daily life activities, including the optimal and oriented exploitation of aforementioned Training Materials within real environments.

·         Development of an e-training Platform, including awareness and training contents, tailored and adapted ICT Tools for supporting the implementation of Training Materials and Designed Experiential Training Activities and therefore facilitating the implementation of Independent Living approaches, concepts and tools.

·         Creation of 5 IDPLiving UNITS in order to ensure the sustainable exploitation of the projects after the project lifetime. These units will include professionals trained in the course methodology and also IDPs mentors that are already living independently in the Community.

·         Development of Dissemination Actions addressed to the European collective related IDPs.


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