Project: Innovative education in the field of intergenerational cooperation support

Duration: 24 month (from 01/10/2017 to 30/09/2019)


Coordinator: Mezi-Nami  NGO “Among us”  (Czech Repubic)

MOCIS center for adult education (Slovenia)

Institute for Human Resources Development –IRZL– (Poland)

VHS Cham (Germany)

M3Cube (France)


·         The project aims at developing adult educators’ competences to deal with diversified groups of learners, making use of new technologies for better outreach and teaching outcomes. The main goal of the project is to develop a new educational program which will help volunteers (adult educators) across Europe to support the functional cooperation among various generations (children from kindergartens or primary schools, youth, adults in productive age, people 55+, seniors)

·         The target group (ie.volunteers) will gain new competences which will enable them to establish new functional communities, where different generations will have the possibility (and also the will) to do various activities together, and thus to prevent social exclusion of some of these age groups (especially seniors)

·         Furthermore, the goal is to improve and extend the offer of high quality learning opportunities tailored to individual adult learners, including thorough innovative ways of outreach and delivery

Target group:  Volunteers, adult educators


The main result of the project is the new educational program in the field of intergenerational cooperation support. This result will be achieved through the following sub results:

·         Summary analysis of the state of the art (IO1)

·         Syllabus and methodology of the educational program (IO2)

·         TtT (train the trainers) Seminar (IO2)

·         Pilot testing (IO2)

·         Reports from multiplier events

·         Sustainability plan

·         Project plan