Special Event

“Ageing is Fun”

E-Seniors’ 10th anniversary

Date: 15th of October 2015

Time: 14:00 - 18:00

Place: Salle des Fêtes, Mairie du 4ème arrondissement (City Hall), 2 place Baudoyer, Paris.


Our association focuses on promoting the digital inclusion of seniors. This year is an important one for us as it marks a major anniversary: 10 years of E-Seniors!

On this occasion, we organize an international event promoting "aging well" and presenting innovative solutions (robots, serious games, 3D printers.). Furthermore, our international speakers from 13 countries will address main issues concerning the challenges related to ageing.

Photos of the event (click!)



All presentations are simultaneously translated from French into English and vice-versa

13:30 - 14:00

Registration of participants

14:00 - 14:15

Welcome speech

Monique EPSTEIN, Executive Director of E-Seniors Association

Ariel  WEIL,  Municipal Advisor of the 4th district, responsible for innovation and digital services (etc.)

Laure BATUT, member of European economic and social committee   

PPT presentation

Dirk JARRÉ, President of the EURAG

Marie CHATARDOVA, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in France

14:15 - 15:15

Discussion: "Ageing well" – round table and exchanges with the audience



- "Gaming" life after work

- Robots: pros and cons

- Games, laugh and humour : a healthy lifestyle



Moderator : Léopold BRAUNSTEIN, President of the MEDEM Centre




Thérèse CLERC



Pioneer of the feminism (86 years old) and founder of “Maison des Babayagas”, a retirement home in Montreuil aiming at changing the way we look and the attitude we have towards ageing:  "To die old is good, but to age well is better".

Michael STORA


Psychologist and psychoanalyst, pioneer of using video games in therapy, he is specialized in video games addictions and also works with children suffering from behavioural disorders.



15 :15 - 15:45


Presentation: "Sharing and caring - building real human blocks through ICT and Internet"- Aging well in Taiwan!


Mayoral advisor to the Mayor of Taipei and member of Smart City Committee. Co-founder of the Association of Digital Cultures Taiwan, founder of the "Puncar", the largest digital inclusion project at the local level. All these initiatives aim to strengthen the philosophy of “caring and sharing” through the use of ICT and Internet.

PPT presentation


15:45 - 16:30


Break - we will blow out the candles on the birthday cake with  live music!  Don’t forget your "gateau/cake" voucher!


16 :30 - 18:00

Demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions

in “salle des fêtes” on the 2nd floor

Serious games

Dance with ALFRED

ALFRED is a personal interactive assistant for independent living and active aging that aims to stimulate seniors in the everyday life. "Dance with ALFRED" is a serious game encouraging players to move and to have fun together.

Contact : E-Seniors



This serious game aims to improve the quality of life of people suffering from the Parkinson disease.

Contact : Cesar Carrion and Rocio Zaragoza


Robot Kompaï


Kompaï, is an assistive robot for vulnerable people, representing the KEPA consortium, received a Worldwide Innovation Challenge. Kompaï improves the level of comfort and independence of frail or vulnerable people at home or in institutions.

Contact : Patricia Commarieu


3D Printer

(Le Tarmack)

With the increasing popularity of collaborative economy, the 3D printing is developing with giant steps. Discover design and printing in 3D with Le Tarmack experts.

Contact : Sarah Braunstein

3D Chocolate printer


Discover the 3D printing in a fun way with chocolate: decorations et personalisation of the pastries.

Contact : Bertrand Busson and Simon Herin

Online Platforms

Mamie Cooks

Platform for the dishes cooked by grannies.

Contact: Mehdi Baghdadli




An experience of the virtual reality in a simple, fun and affordable way thanks to the combination of the smart phone and a Cardboard.

Contact: David Metge et Hanane Belarbi


Ayni is a network for exchange between students and seniors around the world, corresponding together to learn one another's language and to discover new cultures.

Contact : Kévin Allec





With its social Hub, Hakisa simplifies the everyday life and connect family and friends online by easing the access to the digital services and giving the human dimension to new technologies.

Contact : Olivier Audouze


Chauffe Citron

A new fun and cultural meeting, the source of pleasure and vitamins for all the ages. Each Tuesday, this weekly online paper stimulates the curiosity, memory and social link.

Contact : Sophie Banon

Ice Geo Alert

A free mobile application for sending and receiving in 2 clicks the geo located alerts to your family. It also helps to follow up the health data in a digital health record.

Contact : Lisa Chanssard


Mobile assistant service using geolocalization to alert caregivers in case of an urgency.

Contact : Jean Emmanuel PORRO


Workshop  "memory training"   in the "salle Calmont" on the 4th floor

Dana Steinova

Responsible for an intergenerational life learning center, which is attached to the Experimental University of grandparents and grandchildren in Prague.

Director of the Czech society "Memory Training and Brain Jogging".

Member of the Council of Seniors of the city of Prague.

General Secretary of the EURAG organization.


Workshop LAUGHTER YOGA in the salle des banquettes (ground floor)

Sylvie Larvor

Teacher of the Laughter Yoga in Kajyn, facilitator of the Laughter Club -

Laughter Yoga which is based on the thesis: "The action brings the emotion" and the idea that it will increase the production of the endorphins in the brain, known as the hormone of happiness. In laughter yoga people laugh intentionally - without receiving humour, jokes or comedy. Laughter is practiced in groups and quickly becomes natural and contagious.




Exhibitions  in  hallway leading to the "salle des fêtes"


“Memory wall” is a project which aims to integrate new residents in nursing homes with the ambition to reduce the risk of age-related depression associated with these places. This is a project of social innovation (approach that is close to the “care philosophy”) and technological innovation.

Contact : François Bonnard


Le SLM show


Retro and vintage photography

Contact : Sarah-Lou Marty




End of event and closing remarks




Participants : members of the EURAG network’s , members of the AG2R La Mondiale, members of E-Seniors Association, local stakeholders in the field of aging (social insurance organizations, private and public structures, etc.) and our international partners (from Spain and Taiwan).


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Impression 3D Tarmack


Impression 3D WiShape ! 


Mamie Cooks 


Google Institute






Chauffe Citron 


Ice Géo Alert 


Service Télélib




Photographe Sarah Lou Marty