NACODEAL (NAtural Communication Device for ELderly people)

AAL European project

A short summary description of the overall idea and implementation of the proposal in relation to AAL technology and the end-user(s).

Today, everybody agrees that we live in a society increasingly evolving that change faster and that becomes more dependent of new technologies every day. This evolution visibly affects in a negative way the feeblest individuals, who are the slowest to be adapted, and finally became excluded. Among this group of people, the elders also suffer in most cases the added disadvantage of memory forgetting daily tasks for no concrete reasons. Elder people who in some cases could become good technology users, but due to senility or a temporary absentmindedness could be doomed to a problematic situation that will end up in stress and in cases isolation.

The idea behind the NACODEAL project is to provide a new type of easy-to-use Technology tool for elders to face these problems and keep them connected to today’s Information Society. NACODEAL will provide guidance service through Augmented Reality Technologies to enable elders to be self-sufficient despite their memory diseases.

The tangible result of NACODEAL project will be a portable device in which an Augmented Reality module will be integrated that will create friendly guides for users to success in performing daily activities and accessing to online services.

Figure :  NACODEAL General scheme

An example scenario

At his home, an elder person who normally has been able to procure for himself (even with technology knowledge), suddenly cannot remember how to perform a specific action. Due to a temporary loss of memory, this person may not remember how to switch on the television (or prepare food...). In that case, the person consulting the NACODEAL device will see the instructions with  projected Augmented Reality in the form of how to do it.


The user of the device is up in the morning on time for their agenda. The device begins guiding you to the closet to dress, depending on the configuration the device can show a video of the correct order in which they must make garments even guiding the user and display cabinets and drawers that is each garment. That day, the user must make a doctor visit, following guide to the kitchen , the system reminds you that you must go to the doctor and after finishing the breakfast, the device guides you toward the door and reminds you to take your health care card and the house keys. The system is based on the calendar, user habits, time of day and the place where the user is.

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