Innovative device for the evaluation of the “motor functional age”: How old is your muscle?



-          University Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6 UPMC (Coordinator) – France

-          Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris APHP – France

-          E-Seniors Association – France

-          Abbott Laboratories S.A. – Spain

-          Universidad de Navarra – Spain

-          University of Technology of Compiègne UTC – France

-          TMS International B.V. – The Netherlands



01/01/2018 – 31/12/2018



The project CHRONOS aims to develop an efficient medical device for measuring the « Motor Functional Age » (MFA), a new concept related to motor functional abilities, by evaluating muscle contraction and kinematic abilities. This device will support intervention strategies for prevention, active aging and lessen the burden on healthcare systems by overcoming muscular functional losses.

Precisely, the CHRONOS project aims to provide a device to detect earlier the motor decline, by developing a precise quantitative device measuring “Motor Functional Age” (MFA) of young, middle-aged and old people, thus preventing future functional motor loss for healthy aging. The MFA might be different from the Chronological Age (CA), depending on lifestyle, physical activity, and medical condition. Thus, this device will provoke the awareness of this functional loss and will permit monitoring, adaptation and new design of a variety of personalized therapies for healthy aging including physical exercise, medication and nutritional interventions to reduce the MFA toward or less than the CA. The device combines data processing software that estimates the MFA by assessing muscle aging using a non-invasive and innovative multichannel electromyographical technique coupled to accelerometry sensors for motion evaluation. These data will provide with a built-in clinical database of subjects from different age categories (25-85 years old). Both end-user and way-to-market evaluation of this device will be realized along with the knowledge dissemination.


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