28th of May 2020

This is the first online meeting of EURAG members, talking about the negative BUT ALSO positives aspects of the COVID crisis in different Eurag Member countries. We had 24 participants. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long series of online meetings ! Here is the recording of the meeting :


22nd of June : second EURAG online meeting

The subject of the meeting was : The Covid19 pandemic creates dramatic situations for affected individuals, but also for society at large. Such a collective experience has the potential to alter considerably various aspects of our thinking, living and acting together. According to you, which important positive elements – in terms of solidarity, cooperation, responsible behavior, views on goals for the future, etc. – can and should be formulated, put forward and defended by the older persons like us?


3rd online meeting 10th of September

The subject of the meeting was : How to rethink the residential homes of our seniors after the COVID crisis How to put in place examples of good practice? How to promote new intermediate solutions between home care and residences (medicalized or not) ....and it would be interesting to listen about examples in different EURAG countries….


4th online meeting 20th of October

The topic of the discusiion was: "How to maintain family relations and social contacts in times of the Corona pandemic? Chances, innovative ideas, good practices to learn from.”



5th Eurag Online Meeting 27/11/2020

The topic of this meeting is "Preservation and possible development of mental and physical potentials of older persons during Corona times " More than 20 EURAG members participated and gave their views on this issue It was also the first virtual General Assembly ever held and the time of the renewal of the board members and addition of 2 new board members


6th Eurag online Zoom meeting - 22nd of December, 2020

The Topic was the following :

EURAG community celebrates Christmas together in corona times Christmas customs and social distance in corona times : /how to solve this dilemma?

There is one positive aspect in all that hardship around pandemic.EURAG community learned to come together via virtual zoom meetings and use them as a platform for discussion, a platform of social contact, possibility to see and hear each other. And for the first time in the EURAG history we are getting a chance to celebrate Christmas together.

Most of our members will take opportunity to attend this unique event and we all will get a chance to learn what they are used to eat for Christmas dinner,what are the local Christmas customs in each country and how the pandemic will affect this forthcoming Christmas.


7th EURAG online ZOOM meeting on February 12th, 2021

The topic was the following "Technologies for Active and Independent Living in Old Age" Covid-19 and Older People - debate how the pandemic of Covid-19 affected the lives of older people and what role modern technologies played in lockdown.

7ème rencontre ZOOM des partenaire sle 12 février 2021

Le sujet était : - "Technologies pour une vie active et indépendante dans la vieillesse" - le Covid-19 et les personnes âgées - débattre de la façon dont la pandémie de Covid-19 a affecté la vie des personnes âgées et quel rôle les technologies modernes jouent en temps de confinement