Our international Heuritage THEMES





1.       We agreed on four themes to be developed on the European Heuritage level

a.       Classrooms all over Europe in the previous century  

                                                   i.      Coordination: Belgium

                                                 ii.      Participants: Italy, Wales, Poland

b.       Childrens toys and games all over Europe

                                                   i.      coordination: Czech R.

                                                 ii.      Participants: Poland, Belgium

c.       Family celebrations in Europe in the 20th century  

                                                   i.      coordination: Hungary

                                                 ii.      Participants: Portugal, France, HPoland

d.       Incorporation of villages into cities in the 20th century, four examples.

                                                   i.      Coordination: Portugal

                                                 ii.      Participants   Poland, Belgium, France


Those themes are on the ‘portal site’:  www.heuritage.eu
This portal is a simple site from where

-          visitors can go to your local sites. Your local site will open in a new window.

-          Visitors can search in all sites

-          Visitors can see the “themes” and “events” of the project

On this portal all the logo’s of the heuritage partners are showed as sidebanner.



2.       What is a theme:


-          Themes can be used on the international level, starting from www.heuritage.eu AND/OR on the local individual sites.

-          A theme is a survey on a specific topic.
This  survey has a longer text in “chapters” with here and there pictures to illustrate the content.

-          The pictures who are used in a theme, have to be first uploaded in the normal database of a individual website:
For example: school pictures from Palermo has to be uploaded first on the site http://Palermo.heuritage.eu before they can be used in the theme.



3.       You need a NEW log in to work on the international themes.

This means that those who want to work on it, need a personnel LOG IN on the portal site.


So to do:

-          go to the www.heuritage.eu

-          go to ‘my heuritage

-          create a NEW log in

-          This will be confirmed by the general administrator and you will receive your login and password

-          When you log in then, you can easily change your password in a more practical password. (click on “my heuritage”)


To work with themes on your local site in your own local language, you only need “local admin rights”. So I you have someone in your community who wants to develop a survey-theme, please give him/her rights as local administrator for the time he works on the theme. You can always changes rights of a user.



4.       How to work on a theme: (previous mail)


How to start working with a theme?

Online or Offline…: when you created a theme, but you want it to be “offline” (not visible for the public) as long as you have not finished it with content and pictures, you have to empty the field “Status” when you “edit” the theme.
(this field “status” you will find everywhere on the whole site)

To decide about the order on your site, you can move up or move down the themes .

To work with a theme, (add content, add pictures, change text….) you have to click on the title of the theme itself (besides online/offline)

Click on the title of the theme.

Now you see a workbar with on the left the title of the theme, and on the right

Add TitleText

Add search
This is the area to work with a theme.

Working in themes: add text, changes, add pictures, objects….
Main principal about this survey or document is: a long text like in any normal article with on certain locations pictures as illustrations, taken out from the global database already on the site.
How to make it:

Do some preparatory work in a text program (word f.e.)

Prepare the structure of a theme (see further also; how working together with partners on one theme?)


Main chapters

Write your text of the theme and decide where you want to add pictures as illustrations in your document.

Once you have finished this locally on your computer with word or another program, you can build it up on the Heuritage site.

How works “ add TitleText”  and “Add Search”?

Add TitleText

This opens a screen where you can add a chapter title and a frame where you can add text with limited styling possibilities

Each time you add a title text, you have to bring in the text till the point where you want to add one or more illustration(s), picture(s).

You can or immediately or later bring in the document in all main languages of your site.

Add “Search”

Before that you can add pictures into a ‘theme’, those pictures have to be individually uploaded like all other pictures on the site. So do this first by the “upload pictures” module

When you have put in the text in the “TitleText” module just to the point where you want to add picture(s), click on “add search”.

A screen with several possibilities appears:

Rows: most probably 1 row as illustration.

Colums: how many pictures besides each other?
if you want to show one till 4to5 picture, put the figure you want. (they will be showed quite small on more then 2!!!)

Thumps With: you can always change it afterwards. The global with of the site is around 600. So two pictures, around 300.



5.        how working together with partners on one theme?


Role of the coordinator:

a.       Try to make a short structure of the survey you want as final result and input from the partners who agreed to work on this theme.


b.       Make the text from your own country or town


Role of the partners in the theme;

a.       Make a text about the situation in your town, preferable following the structure and content as build op by the coordinator

b.       Upload on your sites pictures that you want to use as illustrations of the text that you will send me. Please indicate in the text where you want to have one or more pictures.      





I wrote a structure for the theme where we have the coordination:

From the partners in Italy (already existing a text in Italian), Wales, Poland,  I expect a text preferable with the following structure and content  (about 120 lines in total in ENGLISH)

Classrooms all over Europe in the previous century

1. How was education structured in your country from the 50th till the end of last century? (from age 2 till 18)

a.       Primary school (levels, ages, mix?,….)

b.       High school (levels, departments, ages, mix?....)

2.       Some general habits in our classrooms

a.       Uniforms? Not?

b.       Examines?

c.       Punishments? Kinds of….

3.       What was typical IN the classroom?           


Villages to cities

Jorde is coordinator in this project

Incorporation of villages into cities in the 20th century, four examples. (Coordination Portuguese partner)