Minutes from the 4th Consortium Meeting in Molfetta 14-15 of November 2013


1st Day, Thursday the 14th of November

1.)    Welcoming the partners

2.)    Partners presentations of local activities +  Needs Analysis updates

Spanish presentation of the Best practices in Community Media in Spain (PPT in dropbox):

·        The main obstacle in Spain : the lack of the legal recognition for sharing spectrum.

·        Since the social movement 2years ago, hundreds of citizens have joined forces and created networks for social and civil information. (e.g. The strongest network is ReMC – Red de Medias Communitarios, that provides a service to integrate the community medias).

·        Associate community Radio channels in Spain: Radio Ritmo, Radio, San Borondon, Agora Sol Radio.

·        Tv channels: Artegalia, RTV Cardedeu, La Tele, Plurabia TV.

·        Blogs: Tele VALLEKAS, Madrid; Radio Ritmo, Getafe; Granada IMedia, “My neighbourhood breaking news”; ElDiario.es, independent and transparent digital media; People witness: citizen streamers network.


3.)    Contributes ideas/ suggestions for the final versions of the e-learning modules; agreement on partner-specific contributions and deadlines.


·        Discussion the minutes from the last CM in Paris

·        What kind of courses can we provide? Each partner can upload what he finds appropriate and then we will decide what to use.

·        Spain will send their version to Cyprus team by the beginning of December.

·        France will send the introductory part of the training ‘Working will the media” in December.

·        Greece will send its info about the social media environment, ICT/on-line tools, and digital stories.

·        There will be 12 subtopics of the 4 big modules.


4.)    The development of the E-Learning platform, based on Needs Analysis results:


·        By the meeting in Larissa, the first version of the e-platform should be done so that we will do the 1st pilot test in Greece!

·        By our last CM in Istanbul in June all the partners should do test in their countries (depending on their own timetable). SO that by our meeting in Turkey we will get out some feedback and to decide what analysis we will put in our final report.




5.)    Discussion of the next newsletter; website discussion: translation/uploading of English parts into local languages; uploading “Best practices” reports + community-media “database” links, dissemination.


·        Polish team will upload the next newsletter by Christmas

·        They will put the link in the dropbox + facebook so that we will find it in the newstream.

·        Spanish partners are going to produce the video for the dissemination, based on the pictures taken at the meeting in Molfetta.


6.)    Next Consortium Meeting in Greece


·        Next CM will take place on the 10-11th of March 2014 in Greece (Greek team will confim whether it will be in Larissa or in Athens)


2nd Day, Friday the 15th of November

Study visit of ‘The HUB’ in Bari.



Things to DO for the Institute E-Seniors:

·        To translate the PPT and the minutes from the course ‘Travailler avec le média’ and to send it to the Cyprus team.

·        To send our module propositions for the modules about the Community Media

·        To test e-platform at the beginning of February (before the CM in Greece) with the group of people and to prepare their feedback.