Istanbul Meeting Report

The following project outcomes had to be omitted because of the reduction of the partners from 11 (while applying) to 5 (current position by the time 1.4.2014). Moreover we now do not have any partners professional about art and e-learning :

E-Learning Web Platform (E-LWP),

Multilingual Users Guide (MUG),

(E-LWP) Questionnaires,

Online Visual Artistic Catalogue(OVAC),

Multilingual Pocket Illustrated Glossary of Artistic Terminology (IMPIGAT).

Our current products are as follows in accordance with the capabilities of the current partner organizations:

English Pocket Illustrated Glossary of Poetic Terminology (EPIGPT).(deadline March 2015)

From A to Z

5 letters for each partner (6 for GreeceJ)=26 letters of alphabetic poetry glossary

The order for preparing the tasks for the glossary is like inside the application form:

Turkey (A B C D E)

Greece( F…)




Project Logo (could be completed recently due to the late attendance of Greece and Malta),

Project Web-Page (could not be completed yet due to the same reasons with late logo preparation).

Photo Album (online, on the project web page)

 [such as N2L84ES Questionnaires,

Until the closer time through the next meeting (deadline is two weeks before the next meeting), each partner will prepare 10 simple questionnaire type of draft questions (anything relevant to the content of the project) (yes/no type…etc so that evaluation in respect of statistics may be more useful).

During the next meeting the real content of the draft questions will be certained.

Later on the questionnaire will be applied on adult learners

Online Poetic Presentation ( deadline for draft videos January 2015),

Each partner will prepare self poetic presentation video( 3 minutes long) in English in accordance with the following objective of the project:

“The objective of our project is to use a creative, pedagogical and didactic approach to learning which will incorporate the use of ICT with art, drama, music and language.  Each partner is skilled in these areas to enable easy access and learning for the target group. Strengthening participants self-confidence and promoting their personal fulfilment will be gained by helping them to develop social, civic and cultural competencies.”

Then it will be combined and published on the project website.

Documentary Film (DF) (combining 5 different Short Audio-Video (SAV)s) created by the adults )

Drafts have already been completed






3X5=15 minutes long