HeuritAge Steering Group Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 4th/5th March 2010

University of Wales (Newport) Host Organisation



Name of project: HeuritAge

9 Partners: Belgium (Co-ordinator), Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portu Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom






Petra Pavlasova, Petra Siklova, Anna Finkova, Michaela Nerudova (Czech Republic)

David James, Photini Nicolau (Cyprus)

Monique Epstein, Jean-Michel Damianthe (France)

Fillipo Tornambe, Ana Afonso (Italy)

Mateusz Karlinski (Poland)

Margaret Davies, Rebecca Evans (UK)






1 Apologies and Introductions


Apologies were received from Ivo Peters.



2 Minutes of last meeting and Matters Arising

Should say Jean-Michel Damianthe (France)


Matters Arising

Contact Portugal to establish if they are still a Partner








3 Discussion


Project application


Students from School of Computing raised questions to the project team.

Keywords to be in ALL project languages. Each country will have their own website linked to a universal site.


MD gave overview of IPs presentation from last meeting.


Partners raised questions regarding project monitoring and evaluation. IP was contacted via skype, each partner to be responsible for own monitoring & evaluation. Keywords for website to be


Senior citizen



It was agreed that ME would help coordinate the project in IPs absence. MD to assist.


ME and PP gave presentations of the work they have been doing on the project since the 1st mobility.


MK proposed future project ICT for senior entrepreneurs and Grundtvig senior volunteering projects.



Discussion regarding website: it was concluded that keywords can be difficult when regionalised. Quality and quantity of information will need to be monitored. The categories for the website have not yet been agreed.


Googlemail; J-MD informed the group that face recognition software could be used when accessing Gmail.


ICT courses: 3 levels (1 beginner), (2 novice), 3(intermediate)

Each course will consist of 7 units: use of a scanner (different file formats), sound recorders for interview, sound file/music formats, use of camera for filming/video, editing of comments & keywords, some knowledge of English, dual marking. It was agreed not to include Windows Movie maker.


Template for ICT course (lesson plan, aims, objectives, theoretical concepts, level for each module) to be prepared.

MD suggested that production of a video to be put on hold until next year.


J-MD gave presentation of Picasa3 software

Christopher Tubb to be added to google group


A flyer to be designed to disseminate the project.








IP suggested via Skype that he may be able to visit Christopher Tubb and students before next mobility.



3rd Mobility Cintra, Portugal

Date: End of June 2010

































Each partner to send suggestions to IP












MD to circulate template to all partners.






ME to circulate first draft to all partners 18/03/2010










AA to contact Portugal for confirmation




















4 Any Other Business







5 Date of Next Meeting










SGM: Steering Group Meeting



Project length: 2 years 1st August 2009 31st July 2011



Action Points



Categories for website


Template for ICT course


Unit to be chosen and completed


Production of a flyer


3rd Mobility Portugal

Ana to confirm

Grundtvig list deadline for June 2011 event

Monique to check when this is