Resume of Wroclaw kick-off meeting



We agreed that the 2nd meeting will be in the 2nd half of May in Paris.

We are waiting for the suggestion of the French partner.
Up to the next meeting we all should thing about the curriculum of our courses (I mean- the content of learning).
We agreed that the Spanish and French partner are cooperating in the field of the experimental English courses- you should also decide about the supportive method/ technique
The  Polish and Turkish partner will do experimental computer courses using the memory training as the supportive technique.
The French partner will prepare also the content of the Internet site about the project and the content for flyers.... Of course we will be cooperating when the first draft of the site we will have. The Polish partner is responsible for the constructing of the Internet site and for the administration.

I suggest also that the Turkish and Spanish partner could be responsible for the idea of the culture meeting in Turkey. What do you think? In the project it is very important that every organization is responsible for any part of the common work.

The next meeting after Paris we plan arrange in October 2011 in Spain and the next one in April 2012.
The last one will be finally  in Poland in May 2012. We have to do it before June, because in June it starts EURO 2012- the city will be full of tourists as the hotels.