TANT 23rd of May 2012, Wroclaw, POLAND



22nd of May

Arrival at Wroclaw


23rd of May


Arrival at the University

Presentation of the participants


Polish Presentations

- Seniors as a research group in the experimental model: limits/advantages, features of the experimental model

The University of the 3rd age and the idea of lifelong learning


- Discussion about games: which kind of games could seniors be interested in ?

Polish used Farmerama (children game originally). Seniors oftenly not interested by children games.

No need of games dedicated to seniors.

Games for carers?

For seniors who suffer from memory loss ->cognitive/stimulating games


- Memory training at the University of the 3rd age = method of supporting English learning

Stages of the memory training



Learn from children computing knowledge

Important to meet people (foreigner), learn about new methods.


Each partners presented the result of the project in its own country.


Should make flyers -> in 2/3 weeks, the coordinator will send the flyers


Final report: will be sent in one month (deadline: end of July)