Meeting 18 – 19 april 2012






Poland: 5

Spain: 8

France: 3

Turkey: 5



First day has been devoted to the discovery of the antic town of Antakyla (orthodox, catholic churchs, Aziz Petrus - St. Peter church, « troglodite » church, Habbib-i- Neccar Mosquee, Hatay archeology museum,) and visit of characteristics of the aera (mountains, open space museum near sea side, sea-side station Symagda.


Second day:

Introduction: presentation of the institution by the new director, successor of Ali.


Presentation by a teacher of the Turkish institution about the history of Antakya and its special atmosphere (very different than Istanbul) according to the tolerance, peace between the different religions, and respect to each other.


Situations of  the works:

Two groups,

first:  introduction to basic techniques of the computer

second:  access to and use of  internet, experiments of comprehension and knowledge.

Second group has more progressed.


Reference to the last reporting, the common questionnary with Spanish partners , and the practices of the conversational workshop.


Power point about: « Computer games as a technique  supporting elders learning» for students > 60.

2 groups: use of computer, computer games.


Experimentation about Sudoku



Remarks of Alexander:

-        compare two groups: one « normal » one « experimental »

-        tell the truth: students satisfied or not, according to the techniques

-        privilege strategic games to the practice of English

-        sometimes, need to motivate students 'internet: why?


Next meeting: Wroclaw – 21 may 2012

Through these experiments, how to progress in our organization and our way to learn?