Kick-off Meeting 10.-11.12.2009 Berlin, Germany



Thursday, 10th of December 2009


9:00      Welcome and short presentation / introduction of partners

10:30    Coffee break

11:00    Project presentation (Hümeyra Baykan)

12:00    E-shop/e-commerce, website (Dr. Jörg Czekalla)

13:00    Lunch

14:30   Partners` experience, good practices, resources, courses, target group specification,

needs and contribution for the project “Bazaar “ (presentations) about

  • Self-employment, individual coaching, business plans, commercialisation (AT,FR,IT,UK,TR and associated partners) for the target group 50+
  • Computer literacy for the target group 50+ (AT,FR,IT,UK,TR and associated partners)

16:00    Coffee break

16:30    Questions, discussion, informal part of meeting

19.00   Dinner


Friday, 11 th of November 2009


9:30      Project presentation financial and administrative part (Hümeyra Baykan), questions and clarifications

10:30    Moodle, partner platform, (Steffi Karbe), questions

11:00    Coffee break    

11:30    Next steps: questions about tasks, time plan, work packages etc. (all partners) 

13:00    Any other business, informal part of meeting

Venue: EBG Alte Jakobstraße 79/80, 10179 Berlin
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