SUMMARY OF THE Erasmus+  project - RESET

2017 - 2019

Pedagogy for Workforce Transition

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The project is coodinated by E-Seniors and has 6 more partners from 6 different countries:

-         Synthesis Center for Research and Education Ltd (Cyprus)

-         INNEO - Studio TwórczegoRozwoju (Poland)

-         AsociatiapentruEducatiesiDezvoltareDurabila (Romania)

-         The Rural Hub CLG (Ireland)

-         Innoventum OY (Finland)

-         University of Peloponnese (Greece)

In the context of an ageing society, the social security’s system are challenged. To achieve more sustainable economic and social development, the EU has set itself the target of increasing the employment rate of older people. For this to be successful, governments, social partners and organisations need to work together to develop the skills and employability of older people. Education, guidance, training and employment opportunities must be adapted to an age-diverse workforce. Supporting older persons to remain productive members of society through continued labour force participation is essential to reduce social exclusion and help older workers escape the poverty trap that often accompanies retirement. To realise this potential the RESET project will develop:

- a new bespoke, training programme for older workers to develop their skills as social researchers

- a digital competence toolkit that develops all the necessary IT skills to conduct desk and field based research and to analyse and present research findings

- a comprehensive in-service training programme for adult educators to support them in delivering the new curriculum resources

- a business development and planning framework for older persons to support them in developing their new business models

- an e-learning portal to facilitate the training of all project target groups

- a thought provoking scientific paper that outlines the benefits to be derived from the RESET project approach and that encourages policy makers to support this type of initiative to achieve greater workforce participation and enhanced social inclusion

Target population:

-         42 experts, 6 in each partner country will participate in the local advisory committee in each partner country. These groups will meet throughout the project life-cycle to inform the development process and will be important advocates for the project supporting all dissemination actions.

-         91 adult educators will complete the in-service training

-         70 older workers will develop their digital competence by using the training materials provided in the digital toolbox of resources

-         70 older workers will complete the social researcher curriculum

-         A minimum of 20 adult educators and older workers will participate in the Senior Worker Festivals in each partner country

-         A minimum of 90 adult education tutors and managers will attend the final conference in France

-         A minimum of 10 senior managers, trade union representatives and policy makers will attend the National Campaign Events in each partner country



Press release November 2017

Wednesday the 1st of November 2017, the RESET - Pedagogy for Workforce Transition project officially started. The project, lead by the French partner Association E-Seniors, involves 7 partners from Finland, Romania, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus and Poland plus an associated partner from Switzerland. The projects aims at creating innovative training programs for seniors to increase their skills as social researcher and therefore foster their employability. The project’s kick-off was held in Trim (Ireland) the 20th and 21st of November. This meeting allowed the different partners to get to know each other’s and to plan the work for the next 6 months.
The RESET project has been funded under the ERASMUS + programme.
For more information, please contact the project coordinators or Ariane Girault

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