Sparkling grey

Turning silver into gold through management strategies that effectively address an ageing and multi-generational workforce

Erasmus +

 36 months: 2017-2019


Coordinator: INOVA+ (Portugal)



Association E-Seniors (France)

Bitmedia (Austria), Inno-Motive (Hungary)

Fondo Formacion Euskadi (Spain)

Centro Tecnológico das Indústrias Têxtil e do Vestuário (Portugal)

Federación Vizcaína de Empresas del Metal (Spain)

FyG Consultores (Spain)        


The Sparkling Grey project aims to enrich the current management strategies towards an aged-friendly career planning. In detail, the project aims to provide SMEs of textile and metal sectors, with adjusted and innovative human resources management strategies that address age and multi-generational issues while supporting career management skills specifically targeted to senior workers.


To achieve the general objective, a set of specific objectives were defined:


·         To raise awareness to the potential of an aged workforce and to support policy makers in the creation of a common framework to unveil it through education and training activities that catalyse smart and inclusive growth;

·         To improve age management strategies in SMEs from the metal and textile sector while reinforcing the capacity of employers, managers and HR professionals to better use the potential of their age and multi-generational workforce, to retain talented seniors and to plan gradually retirement processes,

·         To make a lifelong learning a reality to senior workers, involving them in flexible and adjusted learning opportunities which support their career management skills, enhance their key competences (including digital and mentoring skills), encourage collaborations with younger workers and increase their motivation and satisfaction;

·         To increase the availability of innovative and tested tools for fostering the creation of age-friendly workplaces and for unleashing the potential of an aged and multi-generational workforce, which can be used by employers, employees and professional guidance providers and trainers;

·         To increase opportunities for professional development and strengthen the cooperation and networking between participating organisations and individuals in an international context where best practices are exchanged.