Project Kick Off Meeting Agenda

Ways to enhance active aging through volunteering WEActiveVol

Date: 8th and 9th of December 2016

Location: Wojewdzki Urząd Pracy w Katowicach,

Voivodeship Labour Office in Katowice (VLO in Katowice)

Kościuszki 30, 40-048 Katowice, Poland

Contact person: Ilona Wiącek

Phone: 00 48 32 757 33 84

Meeting Objectives:

1.      Initiating the project.

2.      Getting to know each other in person, learning about the activities held by participating organizations.

3.      Presenting the group of local experts, getting familiar with their activities in the field of volunteering, good practice examples.

4.      Discussing expectations toward the project, analyzing different experiences in the project management fields, establishing the cooperation rules.



1.      E-Seniors Association, France

2.      Initiatives Network Association (Asociacija "Iniciatyvu tinklas"), Lithuania

3.      National Volunteer Centre (nkntes Kzpont Alaptvny), Hungary

4.      Volunteer Centre (Centrum dobrovolnctva), Slovakia

5.      Volunteer Centre (Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca), Romania

6.      Representatives of the local expert group invited for the meeting:

         Regional Volunteer Center in Katowice,

         Gliwice Centre for non-governmental organizations,

         Social Welfare Centre in Katowice,

         Oligos Association in Rybnik

7.      Staff of the VLO in Katowice



Thursday, 8th of December

9:30 9:45

Meeting Opening

Official welcome

Review meeting objectives and the agenda

Team introductions



9:45 10:00

Introduction into the project

  Review project background

  Review of the project goals, activities, results



10:00 10:40

Presentations of the partnership organizations (2 ppt, each up to 20 minutes with translation)



10:40 11:00

Coffee break



11:00 12:00

Presentations of the partnership organizations (3, each up to 20 minutes with translation)



12:00 12:10

Coffee break



12:10 12:50

Presentations about the VLO in Katowice

General VLO areas of activity

Vocational Guidance, Methodology and Entrepreneurship Unit


12:50 - 13:30

Presentations of the local expert group



13:30 - 14:30



14:30 15:15


Partners expectations towards the project, bad/good experiences in the project management fields



15:15- 15:30 Closing activities, summing up the day





Friday, 9th of December

Round table discussion, question and answer sessions

9:30 11:00


Scheduling and review of project activities

  Review of project work programme

  Verifying the Gantt Chart

  Implementation of the project - task division, responsibilities

  Updates on future meeting date

11:00 11:15

Coffee break


11:15 12:15

Financial and contractual rules in Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

Analyzing the basic financial and contractual rules applicable to the project


Project results and impact

  Outputs and outcomes

  Impact of the project verifying the indicators of achievement

Dissemination and use of the projects results

  Review of the dissemination strategy

  Project website, leaflet, brochure



Coffee break

13:30 -14:30

Evaluation and monitoring activities

  Evaluation plan, monitoring the project progress, staff involved

Communication within the partnership

  Effective communication frameworks



Written meeting evaluation

Oral feedback about the meeting



Closing activities, summing up the meeting