At Centre Social Croix Saint-Simon*, a convivial social center

The E-Seniors Association proposes 8 session beginners courses

- Consisting of basic computer information, word processing, use of the internet, and E-mail

- Adapted to your rythm and needs

- Small groups of 8 with two instructors and a computer for each student

- Monday or Tuesday from nine thirty until eleven thirty am

125 rue d'Avron 75020 Paris, Metro: MARAICHERS or PORTE DE MONTREUIL

Cost per lesson lasting two hours   - 25 euros

Information and pre registration at 06 24 39 64 34

*The Croix Saint-Simon Social Center has 13 salaried employees and 80 volunteers and about 900 users (members)

Focus programs address three areas of concern:

Family relations 

     Parent-child relationships with respect for the need for autonomous time as well as for shared activities

Social relations 

      Assistance with social and professional integration through listening and helping those experiencing material difficulty

Community relations

- Helping with job search emphasing self reliance and individual competences

- Helping achieve active participation in neighborhood networking through discovery of new activities.  The objective of the center is not to  develop faithful members but to help open the doors to the community at large.  Above all the Centre wants to serve as a place for communicating, and listening to others in a convivial atmosphere