Minutes from the 5th Transnational Meeting in Athens, Greece the 10-th and the 11-th of March 2014


Monday 10 March 2014:


Arrivals of GROUP A - Official welcome and signing of attendance sheets

a. Cyprus Community Media Center

b. Fundacion Cibervoluntarios

c. Institut E-SENIORS



          I.          Orestis’ Presentation of the LMS


        II.          Team exercise:

To assess the organization’s needs and presented an outline of a suggest LMS by working in teams.

Outline should include:









      III.          Institut E-Seniors’ needs:


Our needs: We teach social media, internet, ICTs, basic computer programs (MS Office), Skype, photography + video, English language workshop


For whom? Target population: For seniors, retired and e-excluded population, unemployed


Implementation: blended


The on-line platform can be useful for:


¾   training teachers, facilitators and giving them flexibility for adapting courses to target group

¾   seniors and others who want to practice exercises at home, especially those with some physical handicaps and other mobility issues.


Application: non-formal education




      IV.          All the partners’ presentations


Orestis: literally we have to go through the enlighten approach



        V.          Training on Virtual Platform


¾    Explanation of LMS (Learning Management Systems) and how they can be used by our organizations (e.g. VET, community centers, schools, colleges etc).

¾    A presentation of m-Com system

¾    A training delivery of the modules

¾    A demonstration (and practice) on how to update the system

¾    Feedback - Questionnaires with evaluation checklist to be filled by the participants






Tuesday 11 March 2014:








TO DO for Institute E-SENIORS:


¾    We have to organize the trainings where the users that are interested in Community Media will be able to use the m-Com virtual platform: http://mcom-training.aimcy.eu/