Age crossing – Poznań mobility meeting


29-30 September 2011


Location: Globalnet sp. zo.o. Poznań



29 September  2011




Picking up from the hotel – Hotel Ibis Poznań

Ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 23
61-001 Poznań

10.30 – 12.00

Official meeting, introduction,

Presentation of the partnership institutions (powerpoint presentation)

12.00- 12.30

Coffee/lunch break

13.00- 14.30

Project arrangements – plans, schedule, aims, local activities

summary of the last activities presented by each partner,

next meetings arrangements

15.00 – 18.00

City sightseeing – guided tour Poznań, walking




30 September 2011




Meeting at the hotel

9.00 – 19.30

Guided tour – two options – I will decide later ;-)))

1 option:

back to the roots

Piast Trail – the beginnings of the Polish history,

- Museum of the first Piast, Lednica - the island with relics of residential and sacral stone architecture from the times of Mieszko I and Boleslaus the Valiant (the 10th and 11th century) submerged remains of two bridges of the Poznań Gniezno tract (ferry). In the suburbium reconstruction of the timber buildings.

- the Little Skansen — granary

- Wielkopolski Etnographic Park Dziekanowice - branch of the Museum. The reconstruction of a typical Wielkopolska village. WEP presents a variety of chronologically and socially diverse architectural structures of the historical region of Wielkopolska from the 17th to 20th centuries. The exhibition features fully furnished interiors which constitute an integral part of this architectural complex.
Temporary installations in Wartkowice church, relating to the liturgical year and folklore (The Easter Grave, With Sunday, Funeral Mass, All Souls Day)

- First Polish capital – Gniezno, the Cathedral

2 option:

Kórnik and Rogalin (Palace) - the Castle with the legendary ghost – „White Lady”, the Park–Arboretum with hundreds trees in which you can see e.g. the pears growing on the willow, and also Kórnicka Library which is famous for the very reach collection of books.
The castle complex: castle, three annexes, depot, Arboretum, park pavilion.