“Inter-Generational European Memories (GEM)”

Final Conference „Around the memorises of seniors”

Wrocław 26th – 27th June 2014


24th-25thArrival of the participants

26th June – 1st Day of the Conference

10:00           Assumptions, the idea and implementation of the project "Inter-GenerationalEuropeanMemories".


10:20 Presentation of the partner institutions and theirachievements in the project:


10:20           Austria: The Institute for Applied Language Integration Ottakring (IASIO)

10:40           France: Association M3 (M CUBE)

11:00           Spain: Universidad de Sevilla

11:20           Poland: Fundacja Pro ScientiaPublica

11:40           Coffeebreak

12:00           Turkey: Nazilli Public Training Centre and EveningCraft School

12:20           Italy: Ente per la ricerca e formazione (E.Ri.Fo.)


12:40           Summary of the Project


13:00           Coffeebreak


13:20           Meeting for the GEM participantorganisations (EST detabase and Final report)


14:20             Lunch (estimatedcost 10 EUR)


19:30           Dinner (estimated cost 20 EUR)


27th June – 2nd Day of the Conference

Scientificsessions 10:00-16:30


1. Speechesparticipants. Papers on:

• situation of the elderly in Poland and Europe;

• education of the elderly;

• biographical learning of seniors;

• biographicalresearch in the humanities and socialsciences.


Coffeebreaks: 12:00 and 14:00

2. Summary of the conference.

The meeting will take place at the University of Third Age in University of Wroclaw (Pl. Dawida 1/3, building of Instytut Pedagogiki i Psychologii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, Wroclaw) *

Jana Władysława Dawida 1, Wrocław


* Google map: the meeting place

(With street view)