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LDV Partnership Project


 Collaborative and Social Enterprises    

as  a New Model of Economic Activity

 and WORK Opportunity

Minutes Cases Work


Groningen, 11th of April 2013

Welcome from Ian as a technical coordinator.

Maud gives an explanation of the program.



-          Turkey introduces their organization with a powerpoint and gives everyone a gift from Turkey.

-          Short introduction from everyone because of the new faces.  

-          Poland shows the draft of the website. The costs are 80 euros per country. Tomorrow a decision will be made about this subject. 

-          The to do list has been checked. Things that remain are noted below.

To do list

Ø  Leaflet graphic Poland Belgium, text Hungary: finish, complete and spread by email

Translation into your own language before the next meeting in Iceland


>             Logos: finished, beautiful!

>             Facebook, website/ linkedin- Spain (and Poland) financial adds in the discussion 

>             Evaluation on google, fill on evaluation, discussion for Iceland.

Short evaluation in the last 10 minutes of the meeting. Later on better evaluation.


Ø  Internal agreement - Austria will arrange this this meeting.



Four groups to discuss what has been done in the time. Presentation 15 minutes per group tomorrow.

* 1 Theme: Cooperative and coworking

Partners: Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Bulgaria

Leader: Netherlands


2 Theme: crowd founding, open source, government service

Partners: Poland, Spain, (Turkey joint them)

Leader: Spain


3 Theme: Alternative energy, production, rural economy

Partners: United Kingdom, Portugal, Lithuania and Iceland

Leader: Lithuania


4 Theme: Cooperative transport service (bike, travelling...), fare trade, education

Partners: Austria, France, Hungary

Leader: Austria



Oscar is proposing to send the powerpoints from the subsgroups to collect them in a pdf as concrete outcome.

Poland gives a short presentation about the internet platform and shows the website that has been made.

Appointment: logo of Leonardo da Vinci (Cases Work)  should be on the front.

To be questioned; can we get the money for three years maintenance?

Tomorrow we will decide about the finance.

All presentations will be put on the Google Group.

Program Students

The students heard and viewed a presentation from Henk ten Brinke about dropouts from (high)school at the office CMO Groningen.


A nice and Dutch lunch is provided by Globe, a social enterprise.  400 homeless and other  people with a distance to the labor market are employed within the restaurant and other departments.


We continue our journey on our bikes to Iederz, a social enterprise. The manager public affairs tells  about the enterprise before we get a tour through the building with different sheltered departments. Iederz needs to make a profit just as any other company. The deals are made throughout the world. The biggest challenge is to get work because the employees have a job security for life. People cannot be fired unless something really exceptional takes place. During our tour we get different impressions from the work that is done and the joy that employees experience during their work. ‘Packaging is my passion and my life!’

Ø  Speech of the manager of public affairs


Dinner at Noorderpoort

In the school for Hospitality a nice dinner is prepared by students and offered by students in the age of 15 to 20. This is an example of vocational education. Between the dishes we are enjoying Cultural performances from the UK, Portugal, The Netherlands and the UK again. The train is taking everyone back to the hotel or to the city center.

Ø (only parts are in English)


Groningen, 12th of April 2013

Presentations has been given by all the four subgroups. See Google Group (please send it).

Project issues

-         A one to one visit is a mobility as well.

-         Host a meeting does not count as a mobility.

-         Poland and Bulgaria exploring cheap possibilities for the website.

-         The leaflet can be used.

-         The group picture will be send by email

-         The agreement has been signed by all partners

-         The good practice guide will be discussed at the next meeting  

Next meeting Iceland

-         26th and 27th of September. Capacity for 27 persons is fine. When extra people want to come, this is possible but needs some more preparation. Also tickets have to be booked early because of the prices.

-         In the UK there is going to be a problem with accommodation, so maximum 30 peoples can come there.

-         In Portugal is enough preparation. Portugal proposes a date by mail.


Ø  Presentations


The students from Hungary, Czech and Portugal visit with Maud a High School in Appingedam and talked and discussed with two classes dutch students about similarity and differences between their homecountry in the education/schoolsystem and in the Netherlands.

Lunch de Gasterij (Delfzijl), social enterprise

Renee Blaauw has developed a project whereby the vulnerable people have founded a restaurant and a second hand shop on a voluntary base, a short presentation about the Buurt de Baas was given in Pares. We are offered a typical Dutch lunch with a Kroket and Mosterdsoep.  Alderman Thea van der Veen welcomed every member of the Eu-delegation, also there is a journalist present.

Ø  Speech volunteer

Secondary school het Hogeland in Wehe den Hoorn.

The teacher explains something about the school within 3 topics.

-         Organization, one the 3 secondary schools within the schools.

-         Dutch education system, provides 3 main streams. After the primary school a test is being made where the choice is being made for three levels. The three levels are a preparation for Vocational education, for the University for applied science (higher professional education) or University. A discussion rises about the early selection that has been made.

-         Entrepreneurship in the school. This school for the level that prepares for vocational education makes good use of experimental learning in cooperation with entrepreneurs within the region. A dinner for parents has been organized, a holiday fair, a visit to a hotel, etc. The students are organizing this as a way of learning with input from entrepreneurs whereby the teacher functions as a coach.


Ø  Powerpoint presentation



Castle and the sea

After this visit of the school, we go on are way back to Groningen via a castle (Verhildersum)  and the Eemshaven where we take a view of the sea. Half of the group ends this fantastic meeting in a restaurant.


Thank you all for this fantastic  two days!

See on Google group (send it please)

Powerpoint presentation Turkey

Powerpointpresentation Poland

Speech of the manager public affairs of Iederz, a social enterprise

Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the management, but more especially on behalf of our 1600 employees, I would like to welcome you to Iederz in Groningen. I like to present my colleague Bert Verheek, account manager sales. I am Nick de Zwart, manager public affairs. Bert and I are your hosts during your visit this afternoon. Both we hope you have a pleasant stay in our city of Groningen.

And yet you’re visiting Iederz, a municipal corporation. Since it was founded almost 60 years ago, the Iederz-company has been at the service to people who lack the resources to enter the labor market without help.

Often because of a physical disability they were certainly not accepted in the workforce. This meant that working for companies operating in the field of sheltered employment was founded. In early days, there was a way in but not a way out. Just as long as the management continued to provide in work. That was the goal.

While society was relieved of the problem of the handicapped, and employers no longer think of them. So everyone was satisfied..? And that is, you will agree a wrong point of view. Public attitudes changed  during the years. But also people physical and disable with a form of handicap have to cat use to live and labor in the society. It’s no longer a question of what is impossible for people, it’s no longer about what people cannot do.  Because ladies and gentlemen, if that is what it is about, then you and I also have a handicap.

It is all about what is possible. But because people’s thought process work differently, we develop a model in which we continuously, individual and demand driven seeking for labor possibilities in the region of our city and in our own company.

For work- employment in all kinds of company’s and professions. In our own company, on this location we offer sheltered labor, for people who can only work in a sheltered surrounding.

So there are 1600 people employed in this company of Iederz. At the moment there are 600 people working in the sheltered departments in this building, and 1000 are working within all sorts of companies in the region of the city of Groningen where you are staying at the moment.

Together we are continuously on a search, together with our employees, on search of their wishes and potential and skills for the best labor they can achieve. With the result that these individuals recover their self-confidence and return to the labor market as valued and valuable employees.

Within a few minutes we will start together a tour through the sheltered departments of our company. In two groups we are going to visit the following sorts of sheltered labor of Iederz.

Assembling curtains and blinds – packing chocolate – making hand rolled cigarettes for testing and analysis purposes – assembling coaxial cables, various parts of heaters – bike kids cars – flow packing chew snacks and bones for dogs – packaging of swim pants/diapers for babies.

Bert Verheek and I go with you in 2 groups from here and will return afterwards here again.

 I wish you a nice visit to our sheltered departments of Iederz.

Presentation subgroup 1

Presentation subgroup 1, 2,3 and 4: Google Group!

We try to send you the speech of Gasterij and the powerpoint presentation of the Hogeland College.