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Project Leonardo Da Vinci n. 2012-1-IT1-LEO04-02896


Logo_Proalv_HC.A.S.E.S. WORK - Collaborative And Social Enterprises

as a new model of economic activity and work opportunity


Minutes of Working Sessions - Cases Work


Arganil, 6th / 7th of March 2014

All partners present except Czech Republic and Spain

Official opening


-          All subgroups present briefly the work done in terms of good practices and it was agreed on that each partner should choose one practice considered the best one, to translate.

To do list - discuss:

  Educational tools and E book


  Dissemination plan

  Press releases




  Ebook Structure / table of contents

        Introduction of the project ( done in each partners leaflet)

        Identification of partners & Link to each organization

        What is social entrepreneurship? Check start up activities (pdf file) / educational tool Ian will do that

        What information the eBook contains? Tips about best practices

        Good practices Subgroups (See group 1- may be through links to subgroup websites)

        Definition of theme of the subgroup




  Ebook - Annexes translation into the national countries officila language

        Each partner decides which is the best practise so that that one is translated into the local languages

        Decision on the deadline to choose the best practice For some countries it is not easy.

        April 1st - deadline to deliver the best practice to subgroup leader in English

        Every good practice has to be maximum one page long


  Educational Tool Start Up

Ian will prepare something




All partners have to use the website to upload materials, agendas, news, final products and links to other websites

  Dissemination & Press releases

        Dissemination local and international

        Poland has created already website (Ania)

        There is Facebook group and blog

        Articles about all meetings should be uploaded in the website about the meetings (also include the local media)




        Some think it is important to decide on specific criteria or indicators on the evaluation form.

        Evaluation forms created for the meetings in Paris and Groningen were very good so they will be used for the meeting in Arganil.

        Every partner will fill it in and the Portuguese Coordinator will sum it up.

        These evaluation forms are formative evaluation and are an accessing tool.


  Final Report


2 parts - Some countries want to use specific criteria or indicators on the evaluation form


Evaluation of the meeting in Arganil


All considered that everything was well organised and that there was a good balance between working sessions and cultural visits.




  Next and Final Meeting Bishops Castle 2nd to 5th June


        Preparation for the meeting at Bishops Castle were talked about.

        Once again Ian reminded all of the reality in terms of accomadation and transports.

        One of the important issues to be discussed will be the Final report.




01.04.2014. - Deliver the best practice to the leader of the working group (word version).

01.05.2014. - Deliver the English version of the 15 National practices (the best per country) to Katalin (Hungary) who will collect them. The document should be in word format.

01.06.2014. - Translation into the National languages must be ready!