Meeting C.A.S.E.S. Work.          23 November 2012. afternoon           Paris


Decision /Actions


Leader of each subgroup will collate/aggregate and find prelimary research end January 2013


Leaflet graphic : Belgium draft leaflet for discussion for next meeting 4/13

       Text.    Write. Belgium 15/12/12    review  Hungary  24/12/12

The leaflet to be finalised by the 2nd meeting - April 2013.

Translate into own language



Send suggestions to Poland

Collected Logo will completed by Poland 15/12/12

Who will distribute for voting

 1vote for each partner final 31/12/12


Face book/ website/ linkedin- Spain (and Poland) start before logo ready

Key aspects words suggestions to Spain

Collect input by 31st December 2012.

Poland will joint work with Spain in the creation of the website.


Evaluation of meeting on line  & by France via a questionnaire.

Evaluation criteria relevance realisation - Belgium

Google forms UK will be produced by 24th November 2012.



Co-ordinator overall project UK unless Italy get funding.

Functions covered evaluation google group writing reports overall view of partners reminder of deadlines


Internal agreement - next meeting - sign to respect each other - Austria to create form.


Next meeting: Agreed - 3 nights stay with host partner. This allows 2 full days for meeting (and 2 travel d


Meeting in Groningen on Thursday & Friday 11 /12 April 2013

Host Holland will fix agenda. Jan 2013 -  send agenda items to host.


 Structure of meeting. 

Concentrate work early in the day allowing time after business for 'cultural' elements.


An International evening was suggested as part of the meeting with partners bringing something 'local' o share with others - tis need not be physical & could include a song, dance etc


Any names to be added to Google group please send to Ian.