CASES We work, Fourth transnational meeting
Arganil (Portugal), 6th & 7th of March 2014





Welcome at the Arganilís high school with its director and the mayor of Arganil.


Working session: each subgroup worked together to present the work achieved since the last meeting. In our subgroup, Austria has taken care to gather all work done by the different partners in a PDF document.

Regarding our subgroup website: Austria and Hungary have to send their work (5 pages max.) to France in order to publish it on the website.

Then, all partners presented to the whole group their work.

Visit of Piadao.


Exhibition of pictures with one person from Arganilís mayor house.




The idea is to have two main outcomes: a best practice report to be translated in every language and an e-book in English.

Best practice report: each country has to choose one best practice to be translated in every language according to NA needs (1 page max.). All subgroup leader has to collect it by the 1st of April. Hungary will harmonize all the presentation for the 1st of May. Best practice report to be translated in every language by the 1st of June.

The structure of the e-book has been decided

1.      Introduction: brief presentation of the project. Cf leaflet.

2.      Presentation of the consortium: Name of the partners and link to their websites

3.      Definition of what is social entrepreneurship/ start-ups activities. UK is taking care of that part (send to UK some elements about it)


4.      Good practices by subgroup with a definition of each subgroup topics (see model of subgroup 1)

5.      Conclusion, dissemination

6.      Bibliography

Regarding educational tools linked to the project: UK is managing it and will come back to us by emails.

Dissemination: increase our activity on social networks

Visit of SoÔto




-         Send a reminder to Austria and Hungary regarding the website

-         Send our best practice (Repair Cafť) to Austria = 1st of April

-         Send to Poland our dissemination activities

-         Publish on the blog (send an email to Poland to have our passwords)

-         Send an email to UK with elements about social entrepreneurship

-         Translated best practice report or the 1st of June