Meeting of CSC project in Athens  November 2010



problem to find people = advertising  for first group

we say : don't worry if you are more than 50

after course all participants used

bank online

shoping online





for seniors  course is also social event

they meet young dancers in the conservatory  (which is the place where are the courses)

basic course

problem with mouse

next  lesson : Word

seniors are proud

there are excited

it is quite challenging also for teachers





DIGEM digital empowerment

also story telling and general media techniques

digital story telling


simple learning tool

few resources to use

problem for employment of senior women

they make a2 minutes film about their lives for publish on Internet

Leonardo project


they train the trainers

empowerment  in digital society


12 people in a group

and be creative2 hours a session -

2 or 3 times a week

for trainer workshop 2 to 4 days

10 to 30 photographs to make a film


train the trainer courses

6 to 8  participants is ideal

45 to 65 years old

national projects max 65 years old

this is the target group

people can find job again

2 aims

use ICT

empower them

so  they can see that there is a possibility o find a job with ICT


people come 2 or 3 times a week for 2 weeks



use CT to empower people and solve social problems




teachers are volunteers

they solve problems of isolation

other problems in rural area




See powerpoint


Next meeting

for Paris  the CZ prepare manual for teachers


Tolga will prepare olympic games subjects

send him the link to other games


next meeting 10-11 march Paris

no tel anastasopoulo 00306976400241





Afternoon  = presentation of 50plus project



quality of life

active members of age platform

european model of seelernetz


different needs for adults who want to learn

Myrto Maria Range

project manager

envoyer presentations