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Comment utiliser une clé USB


1. Where do you connect a USB key (thumb drive/memory stick/flash drive)?

a) to a USB port

b) to a RJ45 port

c) to a HDMI port



2. About what should we be careful when inserting a USB device?

a) not to force the key into the slot and not to plug it into the Internet port

b) to be connected in Internet

c) to dispose enough Memory space



3. How do we access the contents of the key?

a) via Internet

b) through “My Computer” or “Computer” or “Autorun”

c) by launching a programme



4. How do you unplug a USB key?

a) by simply drawing it away

b) open « Computer » or « My Computer » and click the key icon on the right to plug it off 

c) Click the USB icon and safely remove




5. Where can I find songs with lyrics (karaoke)?

a) on Picasa

b) on a video site like YouTube or Google Video

c) on your computer and in the music files



6. How can I find just the words to a song?

a) by typing the title on Google

b) on VanBasco Karaoke website

c) by performing a title search with the keywords “words” or “lyrics”



7. What is the name of the program which can be used for playing karaoke?

a) VanBasco Karaoke

b) Média player

c) Google



Online Purchasing Made Simple (E-SHOPPING)

8. What do we need to make an online purchase?

a) a credit or debit card and a valid E-Mail address

b) a paypal account

c) a bank account identification number



9. What are important things to be aware of before making an online purchase?

a) https” in the address bar; not to reveal the PIN code; the number of items and total amount of the purchase

b) that the lock icon figures and it is « locked »

c) never hand out your passwords



10. What should we remember to do in order to confirm the purchase?

a) to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “confirm” or “validate”, or click on the confirmation link in the confirmation E-mail received!

b) to confirm that you have money on your account

c) to send a confirmation mail



11. What credit/debit card information is requested?

a) the sixteen-digit card number, the card expiration date and the three-digit security code or CVV2!

b) the cardholder’s address

c) The name of the bank to be debited



12. What do banks sometimes do?

a) they send an SMS containing a code with which to validatethe purchase

b) they verify your birthdate

c) they call you