Project: Partnership/Connect to ICT,

Meeting: Fifth TSN meeting, 21-23 March, İstanbul, Turkey


1.      Website – is ready for working and it is being developed still.

2.      Orestis prepared a video about “how to use the website?” and he loaded it onto Youtube. All partners can upload it from Youtube to Vimeo. All partners will translate the video to their own language and send it Orestis. Orestis will arrange the video with the different languages.

3.      Also France recorded a video from one of their classes which will be added to the French version of the website. They will send it to Orestis.

4.      All partners will send trainers’ questionnaire to Orestis to upload onto the website.

5.      There is a short questionnaire in the web page but it is not open all visitors. Orestis will open it to all visitors.

6.      France partner will prepare a questionnaire about the characteristic of the candidates. It will be graphic representation or summary form. Orestis will upload form on the website.

7.      Spanish partner will send “success story video” and prepare a paragraph about video; all partners will translate the paragraph in their own languages.

8.      Turkish partner will send evaluation forms to the partners regarding the meeting Istanbul. All partners will fill it and send back.

9.      Workshop was made for Bulgarian beneficiaries and they evaluated the platform.

10.   Everyone will check if anything is missing on the website, send advices to Orestis.

11.   For the future, make multi – choice quiz about the modules (project idea).

12.   In the first and second days of the Turkey meeting the latest structure of the project and future activities were discussed and a workshop was organized for the Bulgarian beneficiaries. On the third day a cultural day to Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia, Süleymaniye Mosque and Miniaturk was organised.

13.   There will be a discussion about the final report in the final meeting which will take place on 13 May (arrival) 14-15 May (working days), 16 May (departure) 2013 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria.