Project: Partnership/Connect to ICT,

Meeting: Fourth TSN meeting, 7-10 November, Paris, France


1.      Welcome address by the local partner – Monique Epstein, MCUBE.

2.      Website – some problems with the website still occurred. Orestis to check the BG version since some BG texts are still not uploaded. (30 November 2012).

3.      E-platform – in general is working without problems (also stated during the workshop) while some new translations are still required to all languages versions.

4.      The USB questionnaire should be uploaded as soon as it’s provided for translation by MCUBE.

5.      All self-evaluation questionnaires now will be realised as a radio buttons exams.

6.      Orestis should make a short educative video “How to use the platform” with Camtesia in all partners’ languages and the partners will just provide the audio recording – it will not exceeds more than 3-4 minutes.

7.      The self-assessment questionnaires are reviewed and finalised and are ready for translations.

8.      The ICT trainers’ manual was presented by Andrean and  the final version was agreed. Now it should be translated into all partners’ languages.

9.      All news and articles until now should be uploaded online by Orestis. Each partner should send them till 31/12/2012.

10.   Feedback from the seminar – later -  (all evaluation sheets are with Orestis

11.   Next meeting:  20 march (arrival), 21-22 march (working day + workshop), 23 march (cultural), 24 march (departure) 2013 – Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey

12.   Final meeting: 13-14 May (working days), 15 May (cultural) 2013 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria