Connect With ICT


                          La Coruna Project Meeting Minutes

                                      14-18 February 2012

                                      Hosting  organisation:  Prospectiva Y Analisis Consultores S.L: ES

Present : P1 Pendik Municipality , TR: Abdullah  Bahadır Şaşmaz

              P2 Zgura-M, BG:Andrean Lazarov

              P3  Amalgama Information Management Co, CY: Orestis Tringides

              P4 Association M3,FR : Frappier, Oliver

 P5 Stargardzka szkola  Wyzsza Stargardınum, PL: Stargardzka Szkola                                                                          (couldn’t participate, attended with SKYPE)

              P6 Prospectiva Y Analisis Consultores S.L: ES:Ramon Torre



1.       Welcome address by the local partner – Escuela Superior Marcelo Marcias

2.       Polish partner is not attending due to the cancelation of the flights of the bankrupting of Spanair and Malev. They attend the meeting through Skype.

Presentation of the Coordinator – Pendik Municipality – Abdulah Bahadır  … (the Turkish partner is attending the project since this meeting that’s why all partner presents themselves and their organisations in order to welcome the new partner). Pendik Municipality is the coordinator of  Connect with ICT  from now on. When the first results of Grants Applicants releassed  by Turkish National Agency, Pendik Municipality was in reserved list. Therefore Cyprus overtook the coordinator’s position but later  Pendik Municipality was taken into the active list  and became coordinator again. During this period first partners opening meeting was performed  in Cyprus and Pendik Municipality could not take part in this meeting. After that other partners introduced themselves shortly. They discussed the period  since the meeting in Cyprus and talked about the tasks shared among the partners and the current situations of them since then.

3.         Contacts: 1- Abdulah Bahadir Sasmaz – EU and Foreign Relations Department / EU Project Personnel ; ; tel. 0090 216 585 11 72; fax: 0090 216 585 14 55.   2- ömer bilal Karakaya  / EU and Foreign Relations Department / EU Project Personnel  tel. 0090 216 585 11 72

Since Turkey is on board there will be another partners meeting before the final in Bulgaria – 21-22-23 March 2013, Pendik (30km from Sabiha Gokcen Airport).

4.       Review of the draft version of the Basic Digital Competence module consolidated by Zgura – M based on the input from all partners (except Spain which still need to provide their part – it was agreed to be provided till the end of March 2012.)

5.       It was agreed that the course will last between 16-32 academic hours based on the individual needs of the target groups – physically disabled people and seniors

6.       At least 12 people should be trained in each country. Trainees will be chosen by partners’ institutions and they will  learn using computer and internet basicly  at least.  4 disable and 8 senior citizens (45+) will participate this education.


7.       The partners agreed on the current version of the Module and after inclusion of the Spanish input (in English) the module will be finalized and translated (before the next meeting in June, 2012 in Poland).

8.       It was agreed that the study visits (workshops) will be organized for the meetings in France, Bulgaria and Turkey.

9.       During the next meeting the partners will prepare a pilot plan for organization of the training sessions as well as will prepare an assessment questionnaire.

10.   Website and e-platform - – developed and hosted by the CY partner – all partners agreed on its template as well as on text. Next step will be the translation which should be ready at the end of April 2012. Amalgama will ensure the accessibility of the web site and the e-platform (Moodle based) as well as all tags of the images.Amalgama will include also buttons for increase/decrease font size. As soon as the platform is finalized and the content is uploaded CY partner will produce a handbook “How to use the platform” – this book will guide the target groups on navigation throughout the web platform.

11.   The Facebook page is also available – all project target users should be invited to join the page.

12.   Project logo – there are 7 suggestions for the logo prepared by the Coordinator (see separate files) – all partners agreed that the logo No 5 will be used and colours of the logo could be adapted  .

13.   Video module will be produced by Spanish partner. At the end of April the draft version of the scenario for the module will be developed and provided to the consortium for feedback. In general it will consist: short information about the project, some interviews with seniors/disabled people before the training in Spain and after it as well as some parts of the training sessions. The total duration should last no more than 5-6 minutes.  The video module will have subtitles in all partners’ languages.

14.   Quality management – 3 questionnaires were presented (see Google docs) for quality assurance. All partners should complete them after every partners meeting and to send them for consolidation to the Coordinator – Pendik.

15.   Communication via e-mail – all partners to include the exact subject of the e-mail shot for better reorganization of the information circulated.

16.   The partner commented on preparation of training the trainer’s handbook where trainers could be the seniors/disabled people themselves (based on the peer education method).

17.   Next meeting: June, 2012, StargradStatinski (flying to Berlin – then shuttle bus to Shtatin and then bus to Stargrad – could be organized for all partners)

14 (working day) -15 (workshop)-16 (cultural) June, 2012Stargrad, Poland