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La Coruna Project Meeting Minutes


14-18 February 2012







Present : P1 Pendik Municipality , TR: AbdullahBahadır Şaşmaz

††††††††††††† P2 Zgura-M, BG:Andrean Lazarov

††††††††††††† P3Amalgama Information Management Co, CY:Orestis Tringides

††††††††††††† P4 Association M3,FR : Frappier, Oliver

††††††††††††† P5 Stargardzka szkolaWyzsza Stargardınum, PL: Stargardzka Szkola ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††(couldnít participate, attended with SKYPE)

††††††††††††† P6 Prospectiva Y Analisis Consultores S.L: ES:Ramon Torre

Wp: work package


Partners İnvolved




In this project, those aredeveloping of computer educationcurriculum, metods and methodology , and transfering†† them into a learning website designed by the Project and implement them in coursesare aimed†† for disabled and senior citizens


Making a curriculum andİts making a singlefile.


preparing a 5 minutes video

WP2 Making a cirriculum and video work

Most of the curriculum has completed and the making this curriculum as a singlefile was Bulgarian task. Bulgarian partner told that preparing a 5 minutes videowas Spanish partnerís task but they didnít received it yet . they would prepare video work at the end of March


opinions of people will be taken and expectations will be determined†† before starting the education.


Those expectations will be observed in a comperative way at end of the courses then disseminated in the web site at the same time subtitles will be added on these video interviews and these English subtitles will be transalted into partnersísnative languages and synchroneously


After , the curriculum has been ready it will be published at the web site which is page of e-learningthat in charge of

WP3Needs Analysis of Curriculum

thecurriculumfor minumum 6 hours and maximum 32 hours. Trainees would be toughtby the whole curriculum or if they like they would be thought by specific modules.


Trainees will be chosen by partnersí institutions and they need to havelearn using computer and internet basiclyat least.

Partners agreed that cirruculim couldnít be prepared so that courses must be started after the nextmeeting. They expressedthat the courses can be carried out untilend of the project.



After this education period trainees will have anexamination and they will get certificates.


4 disable and 8 senior citizens (45+) will participate this education.











courses must be started after the nextmeeting.

WP4 Needs Analysis of trainers

decided that trainees can go to France and Bulgaria

these meetings will be organized as workshops



mobilities ofthe trainees to the meetings in France and Bulgaria

WP5 Needs Analysis of the Project logo

Logo with number 5 was chosed among from the logos which Pendik Municipality as a project logo


colours of the logo could be adapted into the web site colours.



Orestis preparing

web page .

Orestis also made file sharing information page for all partners to share files.


Project had a facebook page


Cyprus partner told that he would prepare guide book for using web page platform.


Bulgarian partner was undertaken an aplplicant form that concerning disability



The all uploadedinformations, documents and articles on the web site will be each partnersí language.

he would send the user name and pass words of web page

translating these informations in partners languages from that page

WP7 Project Eveluation Form

prepared by Pendik Municipality must be filled after each partners meeting.


Pendik Municipality send these forms through internet to the partners.



As Pendik Municipality has just involved in the project, a meeting has been considering.

Partners decided to be held a meeting in Turkey on 21-23 March 2013.



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† the nearest meeting in June