Kick off Meeting E-Chance, the 16-17th of Decembrer 2013


16th December 2013

10:00 – 11:30                     Opening of the meeting, by Assist. Prof. Habibe ILHAN

                                            Organization bazaar (presentations, videos, websites, project experience)

                                            Presentations of national and international projects for female entrepreneurs


11:30 – 11:45                     Coffee break


11:45 – 12:30                     Project Analysis

                                           Aims and objectives

                                           Methodology and work plan

                                           Details of actions


13:00 – 13:45                     Lunch


14:15 – 15:00                     Official visit to sample incubation centre


16:00 – 17:30                     Project Analysis and Next Steps 


17th December 2013

10:00 – 12:00                     City Visit with partners (St. Sophia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern)


Partners’ presentation:

Suleyman Sah University:

Aims and objectives:

·        To develop the region that the university lands on

·        Prepare and organize academic and cultural projects

·        Create relationships with the institutions in order to increase the cooperation

·        Participation in several European projects: Grundtvig, Leonardo and Youth in actions

Presentation of their projects:

-        Co-Pro Integration Program for School Leavers  (LDV)

-        Entrepreneurship between the high schools of Istanbul (local funding)

-        Also they are working as a project evaluator

-        Integration for school Dropouts

-        ACAD2: increase the quality of accommodation and gathering services for disabled people (with Bulgaria, Belgium and Poland)

-        Woman into Labor Market

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg:

·        Istitute of the Erlangen-Nuremberg University since 1976, based in Psycology

·        Technology enhanced learning since 1986, European research projects

·        Interdisciplinary institution

·        International team

·        Enabling new learning opportunities, Innovation in Life-wide Learning

·        Currently they have about 20 projects, 80% from external funding

Presentation of their projects:

-        FP


-        Comenius, Erasmus


M3 Cube presentation

Presentation of national and international projects for female entrepreneurs

Situation with the women’s entrepreneurship in Turkey:

·        The Woman Entrepreneurship Support Project

·        Win-Bus


Situation with women’s entrepreneurship in Germany:


·        BGA (Agency which is the branch of the Ministry dedicated to the support of Women’s entrepreneurship)

·        Chamber of the Commerce and of Industry

·        BeAA project presentation (giving the computer and internet courses to women until 2008n with totally more than 1000 participants)


Official visit to sample incubation centre for Women Entrepreneurs




Project analysis

Aims and objectives

Target groups:

Women entrepreneurs

Women unemployment

Women in difficulties


Distribution of the Task

Suleiman University:

·        Management plan

·        Сreation of the Curriculum for E-Chance project.

·        Database: to provide some links, info etc. that already exist in each country to support the women. Turkish partners can create the database where we could add everything: websites of support for women; already existing projects etc.

·        Production of the Trainee Curriculum of the E-Chance project the will start it on the 1st of March and ends 31st of August 2014.

All partners:

·        Each partner will create the courses, at least two training modules,

·        Creation of the Web Platform (learning stories, news, links etc..) in 4 languages (TR, DE, EN, FR)

·        Distributing Need Analysis in each country


Research for Need Analysis:

·        To define/ describe the needs of the women who want become entrepreneurs. What kind of needs do women have?

·        Before/During/After starting the new business, what kind of need do we try to analyze to spread awareness, technical needs?

·        Suggestions: Communication, business plan, social methods network, using social networks, analyzing of the risks, financial possibilities, resources (who can support me?), any kind of useful information that you can find, using social media as promotion tool, basic business skills (business plan, risk analysis, SWOT).

·        We will elaborate the Questionnaire (50 responses per partner):

-        No limitations for responders, all age (19-55+), all level of education etc..

-        Turkish partners will do the 1st draft by the mid of January and then we will add our comments in order to improve it. Need analysis to be finished by the end of February.

Quality Reports:

R1 Work performance Evaluation report (Turkish partners)

R2 Questionnaire about Outputs (Germans)

R2 Questionnaire about the dissemination activities (M3 Cube) according the dissemination activities which should be done.

Important for M3 Cube:

M3 Cube is responsible for the evaluation and dissemination:

·        Dissemination plan. M3 Cube will create it. Each time you have any national or international activity you can share it with other partners.

·        End of the February we should collect the data and information about the women entrepreneurship in France by using Need Analysis questionnaire.

·        Starting from the September 2014 we can start doing courses and training modules.

·        We can also think what kind of activities can be done after the end of the project.

·        Next meetings: 19-20.05 in Nuremberg, 30-31.10 in Paris. We negotiated additional meeting in Germany to distribute our mobilities.