DEFINE : Digitalized Financial Education for Seniors -

Interactive Scenario Gaming Solutions for Increasing Online Financial Literacy of Seniors



Starting date : 01/10/2019

Finishing : 30/09/2021


Partners :

-       Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark, Austria, coordinator

-       Vitale TecnologieComunicazioneViteco SRL, Italy

-       AssociazioneProgetto Marconi, Italy

-       Universidad de Alicante, Spain

-       VolkshochschuleHannover, Germany

-       E-Seniors, France


The DEFINE projectis set to upgrade seniors´ skills in handling online financial management services to increasetheir active participation at financialmarketsagain, to decreasetheircosts of participation due to upgraded online IT skills, to enhancetheirinvestmentpossibilities and understandingwhichleads to a minimization of disadvantages and fraud of thistarget group.

New developmentssuch as online banking are generallysupportive for financial management,

still, the olderadults are not able to followthesedevelopmentsbecause of tworeasons:

·         IT skills and understandingismostlymissing

·         Technologicaldevelopments in finances are not understoodwellgiven the lack of digital technologyskills.


The objective of the projectit to increase the skills on IT and technologicaldevelopments in finances connected to money management, budgeting and investments. In order to achievethis goal learningscenario games in these areas willbedeveloped for all of the participating countries. In addition to these scenario offline training materials, trainer guides and a handbookwithadditionalmaterial for offline trainings willbedeveloped. Both, the learning scenario games and the offline materialswillbeused to complementeachother.


In practice, the main resultsthatwillbefinalizedduring the DEFINE Project and itscompletion are:

·         Good practice Catalogue on Digitalized Financial Education for Seniors : It willfocuse on the identification and collection of good practices fromEurope about existing cases and good practices on digitalizedfinancialeducationteaching andtraining concepts for seniors.

·         SkillCardCreation and Training Curriculum including the Strategy Design : The skillcardwillbe the definition of set of skills to beadressed by the future trainees. The curriculum is the important linkbetweentheory and practicalpedagogicmethodologywork.

·         Trainings for Digitalized Financial Education for Seniors : This is the coreproduct of the project. It isdividedin 2 parts :

o   Training materials for face-to-face trainings

o   Learning scenario games

·         Transferability and Evaluation Handbook : To evaluate the resourcescreatedduring the project’slifetime.

·         PromotionalVideo : to spread the word about the project to the broaderpublic.


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