and  Social and solidarity economy

in Paris - 2014

My impression is that nowadays you must have a global overview  about entrepreneurship (and solving unemployment issues - essentially fo young people and seniors!)

For me several concepts cannot be separated anymore and they are, for instance



La Mutinerie. 1

Creativity workshops. 2

Coworking  in Paris and Atelier de l'ESS. 2

La Ruche. 3

Incubators. 3

Numa. 3

Financial support. 4




La Mutinerie      

I spent my afternosome time recently  in a  wonderful  coworking place called "La mutinerie"



because I was co-organizing a "RepairCafé meeting" ( repair things instead of throwing away)

in the same place, in the morning there was the usual sale of BIO vegetables and fruits from  some association    LA Ruche Qui dit Oui http://www.laruchequiditoui.fr/939  who is member of AMAP  (http://www.amap-idf.org/vie-associative_18.php)

At the Mutinerie, once a month , startups and newcomers are presenting their projects and ideas.


Creativity workshops

Mutinerie has also a "school " :  in order to “upgrade” Mutineers and theirs fellows, Mutinerie has taken the plunge and has decided to launch its very own Pirate School. The curriculum at Mutinerie School will focus on three areas, namely - Tech, Design and Business.:


Creativity workshops are most important nowadays in order to boost entrepreneurship and startups


The founder Petronela  Zainuddin is a leader on the subject  http://www.goodmorningcreativity.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Petronela-Eviakova-Zainuddin-BIO.pdf


Coworking  in Paris and Atelier de l'ESS

The list of coworking spaces in Paris can be found on the website of the Atelier de l'ESS (Economie Solidaire et Sociale) http://www.atelier-idf.org/professionnels/coworking/, which is a reources center for ESS in the whole Ile de France region  :

·        BGE Coworking

·        La Cantine

·        Coworking 78

·        ICI Montreuil

·        Lawomatic

·        La Manufacture

·        Mozaik coworking

·        Mutinerie - Libres ensemble

·        Remix Coworking

·        La Ruche

·        Soleilles Cowork

·        Start Way

·        Le tank


The Coworking concept already has a long history



is already organized at  a European level with a EUROPEAN COWORKING VISA



Some exemple in UK : http://hubcreate.com/

 Hubcreate  is  a partnership to create, manage and market coworks

La Ruche



This is one of the first initiatives of a coworking  and startups community in Paris

It is  altogether

·        A community

·        Space suitable working

·        A tool for collaboration,

·        An ecosystem.

Her is a little video about it : http://www.atelier-idf.org/professionnels/coworking/




Most of them are centralized in a municipal structure :


Incubators are intended to project the creation of economic activities already validated by a support structure.

They provide a legal framework and physical support of project to create economic activities in actual production with maintenance or preservation of social rights.


They are used to verify in situ the feasibility of the project:

- Test his project while the implementing

- Perform all acts related to the production of goods or services.








NUMA, the newest  place dedicated to innovation and startups in the heart of Paris

NUMA groups indeed sites "La Cantine" coworking space created in 2008 and "Camping" first accelerator startups created in 2011. The site can now accommodate 200 startups at the same time, doubling the area of ​​the two existing structures to bring it to 1500 square meters.

Worn by Silicon Sentier, NUMA is the result of a partnership with the City, the Region and private companies. Next budget, the investment of € 2 million is provided by the city and the region, the operating budget of $ 2.4 million will be financed by private partners such as Google, Orange, BNP Paribas and Steelcase. This is the concept of Numa

Financial support

Banks, public or private funding, crowdfunding how articulate the funding of innovative projects?


Some interesting subject is "ethical and alternative banking"  and some representatives are :

The European  federation  of cooperative banks  ( Fédération Européenne de Finances et Banques Ethiques et Alternatives )


In France , we have the Crédit Coopératif bank


In Italy :


and, finally, worldwide we have " Global  alliance for banking on values" :