KA1 - Erasmus + - Youth In Action - Mobility of Youth Workers




Activities: 2 Training Courses in France (2-10 of May 2019) and La Réunion, France (23-30 September 2019)

Duration: 7 days each training Course

PARTICIPANTS: 4  participants per country (2  participants for each partner)

11 PARTNERS : E-Juniors (France), CheckIN (Portugal), Agrado (Italy), Mission locale Nord Réunion (France), UNITED SOCIETIES OF BALKANS ASTIKI ETAIREIA (Greece), Inspiration by Motion (Latvia), GEYC (Romania), ZNANSTVENORAZISKOVALNI CENTER SLOVENSKE AKADEMIJE ZNANOSTI IN UMETNOSTI (Slovenia), YSBF (Estonia), EUROPE 4 YOUTH (Pologne), ADEL (Slovakia)


This project is composed of 2 international activities that are linked. In May 2019 we will have a training course in France, to provide tools and methods for the participants to be able to work as facilitators. After that the participants will develop local activities to practice what they have learnt. In September, the same participants gather again in La Réunion, for a seminar, where we will evaluate the outcomes of the local activities, practice more the facilitator skills and provide advanced methods for facilitators.



·         Provide Youth Workers with practical tools of facilitation, to use with youth to improve their self-efficacy and to empower them in their personal and professional life, especially those with fewer opportunities (NEET, migrants,..),

·         Improve youth work quality and enhance the role of youth workers and NGOs as social facilitators and Facilitate the participants acquisition of a positive attitude towards social challenges and the use of it as well as of other positive tools of transformation in youth work and in their lives.


Responsibilities of Host Organizations

-  To contact the international partners about the logistics E-Juniors and La Réunion partner

-  To manage the logistics (Accommodation, room works, transportation...) La Réunion partner


Responsibilities of Trainers

-  Implement and prepare all training

-  Find Portuguese participants

-  Coordinate the logistics and support the hosting organization

-  Write the final report