Simplifier is a project funded by the European commission under the Erasmus + programme. It is composed by different activities: 1 training course in June in France and 1 seminar in Portugal in November. Each participant will learn how to lead a group, design session, plan, implement and evaluate, and practice facilitation.

The project was designed to be able to bring value to the participants and to ensure that they have support to develop themselves as facilitators, having special focus on practice, learning by doing it.

The main objectives are:
- Develop essential facilitation skills like planning, debriefing, group dynamics, session design, feedback;
- Train and improve youth facilitatorsí competences through self-reflection and feedback from peers and trainers;
- Develop or improve personal facilitation style;
- Practice, practice, practice, what you know, what you learned and what you want to learn;

(after first TC and in the seminar in Portugal)
- To further develop teamwork competencies and skills, through the practice of decision-making, active communication and feedback
- To exchange good practices among the team and participants
- To raise awareness of group dynamics and the different roles within groups
- To raise awareness of the intercultural dimension of international youth activities and international teamwork
- Create a guidebook with tools, methods and main topics needed to design, implement and evaluate activities: a guidebook for facilitators.

In the first training course, in France (22 to 30 of June 2015), the participants will learn methods and techniques to be able to work as facilitators. The flow of the training is starting with the definition of facilitation and what its use, and grows to the things that are needed in a facilitator: To plan a session, design and create, use creativity, lead a group, fast thinking, evaluate and debrief and finally practice, having the feedback of other participants and trainers on how it went, what to improve and what to maintain.

After the first TC, the participants will be able to practice and develop their facilitator skills at local level with the support of their organization. They will organize short workshops to be able to gain experience and find difficulties and success methods. They can use what they designed and planned during the TC or create new ones. This will be important for the 2nd seminar.

We will all meet again from 12 to 18 of November in Beja, Portugal, to share experiences, best practices, obstacles and to improve the facilitation skills. Again, it will be a lot of time to practice, with the feedback of other participants and from the trainers. In this seminar we will also work on creating and developing a handbook guide for facilitators to help their work. This will be a practical tool that participants will work on and receive to support them on follow up.