Grundtvig Partnership Project


Fostering Cooperation and Intergenerational Learning


Meeting, Kilkis,  5th  -6th of March 2013


(Meeting will be held in the boardroom of Epimorfotiki Kilkis)



4th   Monday of March 2013-Arrivals


5th   Tuesday of March 2013


9:15 Meet in the reception of the hotel to get to the boardroom of Epimorfotiki Kilkis


9:30 Visit in OPONGA/Kilkis Municipality –Welcoming- Mini tour in the building of Kilkis Municipality- Short greeting from the Mayor


10:00 Arrival at the boardroom of Epimorfotiki Kilkis- Welcoming

·        Brief reference in European Projects (LDV, GRUNDTVIG, YOUTH etc) and especially in GRUNDTVIG-PARTNERSHIPS.

·        Reference to important projects and activities that have implemented in Kilkis and the surrounding areas in relation to Adult Learning and Intergenerational Learning. Discussion


11: 15 Break


·        Short presentation of Greek Report with the subject: “the situation of IG Learning in OPONGA/ community of Kilkis/Greece EU Practices”. Best practices

·           1st meeting Evaluation (Cyprus)-by using the Spanish Evaluation Form


12:00    Cultural activity: tour in the city- Visits at: Cave of Kilkis, Hill of Saint George and Archeological Museum of Kilkis

13:15        Cultural activity: Visit the Gallery of Kilkis


14:15      Welcoming lunch




18:00      Rest            


19:00   Visit at the “Pontians Union of Kilkis Prefecture-THE ARGONAUTS”: Short information of cultural and educational activities of the club. (e.g. training of youngsters) ACTIVITY INVOLVING LEARNERS:  monitoring and learning traditional (Pontian) dances


Free night


Wednesday 6th of March 2013


09:30 Meet in the Boardroom of Epimorfotiki Kilkis

·      Short presentation of the Leaflet for the Dissemination of the Project (actions that has been done from all partners)- Evaluation/ideas


10:30 Break



·      Discussion for the next activities of the project: confirmation of the next meeting in France during 4th -5th of June 2013

·      Brainstorming for  updating the blog of the project


12:30     Visit in Social Care of Kilkis: short presentation for the activities (social, educational etc) in which are involved elder people


12:30 Activity: Tour in the city center-shopping, coffee


14:00 Lunch




16:45 Rest



17:00 ACTIVITY INVOLVING LEARNERS:  Activity in the department of Art Education of OPONGA a) ceramic art education and b) percussion education and conduct with sounds. The activity involving learners is going to implement during the course involving children and adults.



17:45  Short conclusions for the 2nd meeting.  Award certificates




Free night