Zone de Texte: International Intergenerational Activity Financed by the « Label Paris Europe »                                                                                              


The E-Seniors/E-Juniors and the Atomes Crochus Associations have been awarded a 2012 “Paris-Europe Label” from the city of Paris (FR) for the implementation of an intergenerational, scientific culture project called Euritage, in partnership with the Science Center Netzwerk of Vienna (AT).

Combining the history of science and technology through intergenerational exchange and games, the project is developing participatory workshops to bring together younger and older people in two European cities through collective action.

The idea is to engage youth and seniors around the following question: What would have been your experience of the first moon walk if the information and communication technologies of today had existed back then?


In this context, senior volunteers will be assigned a partner from among young project participants. Together, they will develop a scenario of what would have happened if Neil Armstrong could have tweeted news of his first steps on the moon.


 Atomes Crochus:


Founded in 2002, the association Atomes Crochus offers a wide variety of cultural mediation activities in the field of experimental sciences and sustainable development, combining art, science and education. The association works essentially with youngsters and is involved in few intergenerational activities.